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EULAlyzer: Free EULA analyzer software for Windows

It happens all the time when we install a new software – we tend to ignore something called the End User License Agreements (EULA) and without even reading or going through it, simply because its long, we click on Next to […]

Doc Scrubber: Remove hidden metadata from .Doc files

Doc Scrubber as the name denotes that is a document scrubber. It is a tool for Windows that can help you clean up the hidden metadata of your Word documents stored using the .Doc file format. For those who don’t know, Microsoft Word documents contain […]

Avira Secure Backup: A Free Online Backup Solution

Avira is very popular for their security software. A lots of people use their free antivirus software and some 3rd-party vendors even use the Avira Security engine as their backend. They have very low false positive rate and a very good detection […]

Best VLC Skins for Windows : Free download

VLC Media Player has been one of the most popular media players for Windows, but when it comes to interface and UI, VLC has a very simple, clean and an elegant UI with very basic and simple controls. Some of us may not […]

way to reduce MP3 file space

Reduce MP3 file size with MP3 Quality Modifier

Those who love to hear music and have lots of  data in their system, generally face problems with respect to storage space. Many users try to compress the MP3 file to fit more songs on their portable hard disk or iPad, […]

XnConvert: All in one batch image processing software for Windows

XnConvert is a free batch image processing software for Windows, that helps you convert images into various formats, it comes with interesting features like batch processing and scripting. It is an all-in-one image conversion tool that is very easy to use […]

Multi Skype launcher

Run multiple instances of Skype on Windows 8 with Seaside

If you have multiple Skype accounts and also have Microsoft or MSN accounts, logging into these accounts at the same time seems like an impossible thing. In such case, you have to logout from one account to login into another. […]


Microsoft Autoruns for Windows: Start Up Manager for Power Users

Microsoft Sysinternals Autoruns for Windows is one of the best tools to view, monitor and control and disable startup programs. This portable tool, when run, provides a comprehensive list of all programs that are configured to run when your Windows starts. Autoruns is […]

McAfee TechCheck: Freeware to scan PC for problems

Annoyed with computer slow speed and inconsistent behavior? You must check out McAfee TechCheck. McAfee TechCheck is a free application that performs a quick check of your PC’s performance and shows you all the issues that may be slowing down […]