Can’t connect to this network error on Windows 10

A commonly reported error with the Windows is where internet connectivity bothers users with an error message – Can’t connect to this network and they are unable to connect their Windows 10/8/7 computers to the internet. Here is how you may fix the issue.

Can’t connect to this network

Can’t connect to this network

Some solutions work for some and some for others, and at times no level of troubleshooting helps resolve it. Nevertheless, here is a list of possible solutions that might help:

1] Update wireless drivers

Update network drivers

Our first approach to the issue should be updating the drivers.

1] Press Win + R to open the Run window. Type the command devmgmt.msc and press Enter. This would open the Device Manager, displaying the drivers in alphabetical order.

2] Right-click on the network drivers and update them. You might also consider re-installing them and restarting the system.

3] If the above steps don’t work, try downloading and installing the drivers from the manufacturer’s website.

2] Power cycle modem-router-computer

At times, the system automatically configures an IP address leading to a condition called APIPA. To resolve this, we would need to power cycle the modem-router-computer which is explained as follows:

1] Switch off the modem, router, and the computer.

2] Wait for a minute and then switch on the modem and wait for all it’s lights to turn up. Then switch on the router and wait for all its lights to turn up. Once done, switch on the system.

Check if the internet connects. If not, move on to the next solution.

3] Run Hardware and Devices troubleshooter

1] Click on the Start button and then the gear-like symbol to open the Settings menu.

2] Select Updates and Security and then the Troubleshoot tab from the list on the left.

3] Scroll down to Hardware and Devices and click on it to run the Hardware Troubleshooter.

4] Run the Network related Troubleshooters

To open Internet Connections Troubleshooter:

msdt.exe -id NetworkDiagnosticsWeb

To open the Incoming Connections Troubleshooter

msdt.exe -id NetworkDiagnosticsInbound

To open the Network Adapter Troubleshooter:

msdt.exe -id NetworkDiagnosticsNetworkAdapter

5] Change wireless security

Ideally, the advice is always to change the security to a higher protocol, but at times it doesn’t allow the network to connect.

Thus we could change the security from WPA to WEP, which allows a 10-digit numerical password. However, it might resolve the network connectivity issue. The settings have to be changed on the router’s settings page.

6] Network Reset

If nothing else has worked, a Network Reset would probably help.

1] Click on the Start button and then the gear-like symbol to open the Settings page.Network reset

2] Select the Network and Internet option and then scroll to the option for Network Reset. Click on it and initiate the reset.

This post offers more suggestions to fix Network & Internet connection problems. Hope something helps you.

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  1. KearneyHimself

    Thanks for excellent and reassuring help.
    Switching everything off and then switching back on worked for me. I would recommend that as the first thing to try, because it is so easy to do and doesn’t involve any changes to settings that might only make things worse.

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