How to block a program from accessing the internet using ProgCop

Blocking applications from going online is something that is possible by default in Windows 10 via the Windows Firewall software. While you can allow or block a program using the Windows Firewall, using free tools like OneClickFirewall or ProgCap makes things a lot easier. We should point out that ProgCop is free, 100 percent, so don’t worry about having to pay at a later date or any form of advertisements plastered all over tool. Furthermore, we should point out that ProgCop features a real-time view of all processes that are connected to the internet. 

How to block a program from accessing the internet

Users can block these processes with just a few clicks of the mouse, so right away we can see how easier it is to block online tools via this program when compared to Windows Firewall, and that will be the primary reason for folks to use it. 

Additionally, the software doesn’t work on its own since it relies on the Windows Firewall API to get things done. As it stands, then, it was designed to work hand-in-hand with the Windows Firewall for optimal performance. 

ProgCop for Windows PC

Blocking files from going online can be done with Windows Firewall, however, ProgCop makes this task much easier than ever before.

How to block a program from accessing the internet

1] Add your software 

When it comes down to adding programs for blocking, we suggest clicking on the first icon at the top with the green plus sign attached. Bear in mind that as soon as the program is added, it will be automatically blocked right from the start. 

The user should see the Application Path, Process Name, and the State, which should say BLOCKED in the color green. 

2] Remove your software 

If you want to delete an added software, then have no worries because it’s an easy task from our point of view. Simply select the program you want to remove, then click on the second icon above with the red minus sign. 

Doing so should promptly remove the program from ProgCop in a timely fashion, hooray. 

3] Block and Unblock


The easiest way to unblock a program is to remove it, but then you’ll have to add it all over again should the need arises to block it. With the two shields icon at the top, users can simply click them to block and unblock, that’s it. 

It’s that easy, therefore, nothing else to do on the part of the user unless the changes need to be reversed.

4] The Settings 

OK, so in terms of the settings area, we must confirm that there’s not much to see or do here, and that’s great. The tool is already quite easy to use, and as such, it doesn’t need anything that could complicate matters in any shape or form.

Download ProgCop directly from the official website right now.

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