Troubleshoot: Windows 7 Firewall, Diagnostics, Tools

Windows Firewall with Advanced Security, a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in, in Windows 7 & Vista is a stateful, host-based firewall that filters incoming and outgoing connections based on its configuration.

Windows Firewall with Advanced Security also supports an RFC-compliant implementation of Internet Protocol security (IPsec), IPsec and firewall configuration can now be done together in this snap-in.

This document from Microsoft describes how Windows Firewall with Advanced Security works, what the common troubleshooting situations are, and which tools you can use for troubleshooting.

Its is a very exhaustive document and its contents, inter alia, include:

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– Tools and Procedures Used to Troubleshoot Windows Firewall
– Troubleshooting considerations for firewall rules
– Viewing Firewall and IPsec Events in Event Viewer
– Configuring Firewall Log Files
– Verifying that Key Firewall and IPsec Services are Working
– Capturing Firewall and IPsec Events with Netsh WFP
– Windows Firewall Is Blocking a Program
– Verify that Windows Firewall is enabled for your network location
– Group Policy does not allow local rules to be applied
– Rules that require connection security might be blocking traffic
– Windows Firewall Is Turned off Every Time I Start My Computer
– Cannot Configure Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
– Nobody Can Ping My Computer
– Nobody Can Access My Local File and Printer Shares
– Cannot Remotely Administer Windows Firewall
– IPsec Troubleshooting Situations.

Download Page : Microsoft.

Applies to: Windows 7; Windows Vista; Windows Server 2008.

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