List of best Android apps from Microsoft

If you’re an Android user, then it is clear you have some interest in Microsoft products, unless you’re just here to take a peek at what the software giant is doing. These days, Microsoft is focusing a lot on Android and iOS when it comes down to apps, so we’re going to list the best Android apps the company has released for Google’s operating system. Apart from the Microsoft Office program apps, Xbox One SmartGlass, Sunrise Calendar, Hub Keyboard, Send and Tossup are some of the top Android apps from Microsoft.

best Android apps from Microsoft

Best Android apps from Microsoft

There was a time when Microsoft only focused on its own operating system when it comes down to support, but that has changed with Satya Nadella at the helm. These days, the company releases apps for both iOS and Android, and surprisingly enough, these operating systems are getting more app support than its own product.

These apps are probably ones you have never heard off, so let’s get the ball-a-rolling.

Xbox One SmartGlass: We’ve never used the Android version of this app before, but if it is the same as the Windows 10 Mobile version, then expect a great experience. This app allows the user to gain remote access to their Xbox One. It is possible to use SmartGlass to turn on and turn off the Xbox One. It is also possible to use the app as a navigation controller and to type words.

Sunrise Calendar: Microsoft didn’t really develop this app, it just bought the developers. However, that doesn’t matter because it is an app from Microsoft at the end of the day, and a great one at that. Some features of Sunrise Calendar have been implemented in Outlook, so this alone is proof enough that the app is a solid choice for any Android user.

Hub Keyboard: This keyboard brings information from different services to your fingertips, so there’s no need to back away from what you are doing. Users can share documents and files to OneDrive view their history and much more. It’s a decent app that delivers on what is expected of it.

Send: This is an interesting app because it is both an email client and a messenger client. To put it simply, it is an email client that acts like a messenger client. When you send an email, the whole thing looks like a chat box so when the person replies, it shows up below your message.

Messages received are also delivered to your email inbox, so worry not about losing anything because that is not going to happen.

Tossup: Are you aiming to plan an event but require friends or families to make inputs? This app should be up your alley then. First, your friends and family must be using Tossup for everything to work as expected. After that, post questions and allow them to vote.

Want to pick a restaurant? Just add the name of the restaurants to the list and put it up for a vote. Want to become Batman? Well, your friends and family will say it is impossible, but hey, go ahead and ask them with Tossup, just remember that we warned.

Have any favorites? Post your comments below!

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  1. Andrey

    Sunrise Calendar is dead. Although they will not remove it from the app stores, it will no longer receive updates or innovations.

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