Beginners tips to optimize Windows 10 for better performance

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Nitin Agarwal is an MVP alumni and a Pro Blogger. He was awarded as Most Valuable Professional for 3 times by Microsoft in Windows Expert - Consumer category. He is immensely inspired by Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and APJ Abdul Kalam.


  1. Dave

    I have a real problem trying to keep myself from leaving programs or folders open. I usually find myself with roughly 12 to 20 folders open mostly due to not remember what they were if I close them. Is there a way to save ‘sessions’ of file explorers or is there a better ‘favorites’ thing? Maybe something in the style of a browser bookmark system?

    I’d love for something better than favorites and library and to me, I think that would be a browser style bookmark tree on the side or a session manager. I’ve tried alternatives to the default file explorer in windows 7 but I haven’t found any that I like; they all feel very cluttered and have too many extra features but lack basic ones such as specific thumbnails views (small, medium, large) list view, etc.

    Programs that I leave running I could certainly trim down on though. Thanks for the helpful article.

  2. hackerman1

    install a RAM-disk.
    move your browsercache & tempfiles to it.
    makes a BIG difference especially with an old computer with IDE-disk.

    see my post at TWCF:

  3. hackerman1

    update to my comment above:
    install your operating system, programs and pagefile on separate partitions.

    see my post at TWCF:

  4. Brom

    Chkdisk at least monthly using both parameters available in C: drive PRPOERTIES ->TOOLS ->DISK CLEANUP

  5. Jennifer Brown

    Thanks for this helpful information.I also felt this kind of problem many times.Please go through to get more information on this topic.

  6. WugFresh

    Great tips. For beginers I also would highly recommend downloading and running AdwCleaner – it gets rid of the most common crapware, malware, search hijackers and useless toolbars in just a few clicks. PCdecrapifier is also another great tool – use it for batch uninstalling unwanted programs. Lastly, if you are not already – start using Google Chrome as your default web browser, install the adons WOT & Adblock, and configure your computers network adapters to use Google’s DNS.

  7. UltraMan

    Microsoft has MRT.exe already installed! Malware Removal Tool scans and repairs malware for free! Go to your search window or command line and type MRT or MRE.EXE

  8. True, but it is not exhaustive and searches for only select malware. The Microsoft Safety Scanner gives a full scan: 🙂

  9. Sheri

    What is the difference between restarting your computer and simply shutting it down and then starting it again, as far as clearing out its memory and ensure that any errant processes and services that started running get shut down?

  10. Both options should achieve the same result.

  11. sparkstan66

    Increasing your ram will give your PC the ability to multitask and you will see huge performance gains. 4gb is minimum on any Win 7 machine. 2gb is pathetic. With today’s cheap ram prices there is no reason to run less than 4gb but even 8gb isn’t overkill.

  12. Carl-Ivar Törnqvist

    If you have a SSD there’s no need to defragment it, because a SSD can access any location on a drive at the same time. If you defrag anyway your drive will reduce performance.

  13. Carl-Ivar Törnqvist

    @Dave have your tried Total Commander? You’ll have a dual pane view and you can open different drives on each pane. You can also view thumbnails or a tree view.

  14. James Mathew

    I always follow the above steps to clean the computer but doing it manually takes more time. So, I prefer computer cleaning software like Ninja TuneUp which helps to clean all the crap files in minutes.

  15. MachineSpecOKButLagsLots

    Why would i have performace issues with my:

    64bit asus. 32gig ram, ssd for apps & OS, i7 x 8(4real)processors. win10pro, up to date security, running minimum tasks/software at once etc etc.. never peaking ram, though CPU & disk (mostly CPU) often peak & generally get intermittent gui freezes e.g. not responding if click too quick (from one thing to the next).

    my question is, what common places, logs should i check (and of course where i know what to look for within logs, or settings)

    i only ask as i have looked at all the menu based/control panel options etc. and have reduced everything with performance in mind….

    suggestions please please?

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