Automatically adjust your PC Power Plans with Boray POWer

Many a times, situation arise where you have to work on multiple applications at the same time and therefore they demand maximum performance from your system. Most users under such situations would switch to power plans manually from the system tray. However, doing so manually frequently can be quite a job.


Boray POWer is a reliable tool that allows you to adjust your PC power plans automatically depending on your computer’s activity. With the aid of a slide bar, one is free to set idle time for system power plan and select any amongst them, ranging from a high performance to a balanced or a power saving one. Also, depending on your requirements, the option to temporarily lock the computer in high performance or power saving mode is readily accessible.

A prominent feature of the application is that it does not install any patches but merely automates the process of switching Windows power plans. Unlike other power plans, Boray POWer does not burden you with numerous settings and questions. All the user is required to do is choose the desired plan and set the idle time, that’s it!


The user is free to add program to Windows Startup List. Also, if one wishes to implement his power plan settings on every startup, he can do so by checking the Launch at system startup option to start Boray POWer with system startup.

Boray POWer works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The official product page provides a detailed overview and the test results of this application with performance graphs, which you might want to check out.

In all Boray POWer is a handy, easy to use and reliable application that can rapidly and effortlessly help you get a really responsive computer while also saving power at the same time.

Download page:  Boray POWer.

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