How to find out Battery Usage of each app in Windows 10

You can extend Windows 10 battery life by finding out which programs & apps are consuming more battery and draining thus battery, via the Battery use applet of the Settings app.

Find out Battery Usage of each app

From the WinX Menu, open the Settings app and then click on System. Now in the left panel look for and click on Batter saver. The following window will open.

Battery Usage Windows 10

Next click on the Battery use link.

See which apps are affecting your battery life

Here you will be able to see the amount of battery each of your apps has been consuming. From the drop-down menu, you can opt to see their battery consumption for the last, in order to analyze the battery consumption for the last –

  • 24 hours
  • 48 hours or
  • 1 week.

Click on any app, and you will see a Details button appear. Click on the Details button, and you will see details of battery consumption for that app, like, consumption when in the background, consumption when in actual use and so on.

Battery Saver Windows 10

You will also see the battery being used by the System, Display, Wi-Fi. The System refers to the operating system, and there is probably little you can do about it. If you find that the Display usage is high, you could change or configure your Power settings and maybe make Windows turn off the display earlier when not in use and so on. The usage by Wi-Fi refers to the battery consumed when the device is connected to a wireless network.

Here you will also be offered helpful links that allow you to:

  1. Change background app settings
  2. Change battery saver settings.

In this way, if you can identify apps which are draining your battery and changes their background settings.

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