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Man-in-the-middle attack

What is Man-In-The-Middle Attack (MITM) – Prevention

Protecting our data online is never going to be an easy task, especially nowadays when attackers are regularly inventing some new techniques and exploits to steal your data. Sometimes their attacks will not be so harmful for individual users. But large-scale attacks on some […]

TWC Mural

Mural.ly : Share and discuss your ideas online

Mural.ly is an online web application that helps you enhance your teamwork, visually. This application helps you in building, not only an idea, but also some exciting ways to share and implement it with your team. It lets you visualize […]

TWC Checkthis

CheckThis: An easy way to create & share your content online

Are you looking for an easy way to create and share your content? CheckThis – an online tool for creating content easily among your friends and colleagues. You often share your content and ideas publicly on different social media websites. Checkthis is a centralized platform […]

Kaspersky Infographic: Secure your Facebook account

Facebook has started rolling out its comprehensive Graph Search. Currently it is available in a very limited beta program. You can officially start using Facebook’s brand new searching facility. Can you opt out? No! There is no opting out. Once […]

Until AM

Until AM: Online cloud-based music system for disc jockeys

Do you want to play a DJ software on your computer? If yes, then why don’t you play it online, without installing any software on your system? Until AM is an online cloud-based DJ application, which has the required amount of features and […]

buffer logo

Buffer: A better way of sharing content on social media

With all the popular social networking websites there are on the web, online activities and  its management can get frustrating rather quickly. Buffer is an online tool, which handles your content sharing on social media efficiently. It makes your social media presence […]

AudioSauna Screenshot

AudioSauna: An online audio workstation for music composers

Are you planning to compose music “online”? If yes, then this article is perfect for you. AudioSauna is a free and fully featured online audio workstation that brings up the power of an audio composer to your web browser. With its […]


Experience a smarter Twitter with ManageFlitter

Sometimes managing social media accounts becomes difficult due to your over enthusiasm and addiction for them. What to say about Twitter? We can understand that you are busy tweeting about different things happening around you, and also actively following a […]