Fix Apps problems with Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter

Some users of Windows 8 have complained of facing various issues with apps. Either some apps fail to install or run or update or simply crash. All these versions of Windows 8 are pre-release, yet millions of people are using these versions of Windows daily. Microsoft has definitely improved the Windows Store and apps experience with each pre-release version. With the current Windows 8 Release Preview, the final pre-release, Microsoft has provided many new Windows 8 apps for connecting to Hotmail, SkyDrive, Messenger and other service-connected apps – apart from hundreds of new and updated third-party apps and games, in the Windows Store. Remember many of these are currently in App Preview. They are still collecting feedback and improving accordingly.

Windows App Can’t Open

If when you try to run any Windows 8 App, you find that it will not work properly – maybe you get an error message App Can’t Open – you may want to run the Windows 8 App Troubleshooter.

Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter

Nevertheless, to address many of the known apps issues which may be preventing them from running properly on Windows 8, Microsoft has developed an Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter.

When this App troubleshooter is run, it automatically fixes some of the basic issues that might be preventing your apps from running – such as lower screen resolution, incorrect security or account settings, etc.


 It will provide you with the Troubleshooting Report.


There will be cases where even after running this troubleshooter, it may not resolve some unknown issues.

Troubleshoot Windows Store Apps problems

Here are some points which can also be looked into for app issues, based on users experiences.

After running the Troubleshooter, restart your system and then check.

According to Windows 8 Release Preview System Requirements, to access the Windows Store and download and run apps, you need an active Internet connection and a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768. So please check the resolution.

To snap apps, you need a screen resolution of at least 1366 x 768. But not to worry about this Snap app feature – if your monitor doesn’t support this resolution. It doesn’t affect in running or installing of app.

Change your Account to Local and then back to Live account from the Control Panel.

Check whether Windows is up to date with the latest updates. Also try to Sync App licenses. For this Open the Store App , Open Charms (WinKey+C) , Select Settings > App Updates then under App Licenses, click Sync Licenses.


If you have installed some apps in your previous Windows 8  version as Windows 8 CP then they were registered against your account. So in Release Preview a new option is provided to view the Installed apps. If you are using the same Live account to login to Release Preview then in Store, just right-click anywhere to get the Bar at top to get the option “Your apps”.


Just click on it to list all your apps – those which have been installed now and those you had installed earlier, so try installing from there & see if it makes any difference.


These are some additional troubleshooting steps which you could try to fix your Windows 8 apps problems – apart from trying out the App Troubleshooter.

What I recommend is if you are just trying out & testing Windows 8 Release Preview, do a clean install of Windows 8 Release Preview instead of upgrading from the previous Windows version.  Now give it a try and install your favorite apps from Store.

You can download Windows 8 App Troubleshooter from here.  It’s a Troubleshooting Pack Cabinet file.

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  • Mike Hilbert

    Windows 8 RTM appears to be ranging at BETA-LEVEL …

  • Crysty_bz06

    hi, anyone knows why the videos don’t load in “Youtube Player” or “Youtube8” or “YouVue”, “MUSICAMP” or in any music/video player apps that need internet connection?
    I have windows 8 rtm build 9200 x32 installed on a PC.

  • Vierza Indiarto


  • Rez

    Well, I can’t access my store. Appears to be having some licensing issue or other. “This application failed to launch because of an issue with its license. Please try again in a moment.” And I’ve tried nearly all in my power to get it fixed. I have no apps visible in the screen apart from Internet Explorer (which works only when default browser). Getting somewhat frustrated as I wouldn’t want to reinstall my windows…

  • Sportsnutim12

    Try to open a pre loaded Windows 8 app, nothing happens. Try to load a feature from the Store get a message stating unable to download.

  • Franklinsijo

    it may be due to some software u ve installed..just resore the system to the point when it worked fine..u can find this option in advanced startup repair

  • Nvuofa411

    Just purchased new computer with windows 8 and it updates some of the already installed apps but won’t download any new apps also it won’t pin any websites I try to pin? Starting to give me a headache please help

  • yos
  • swati

    its very nice and superb post nice article

  • h8ter

    I get a message that I am not connected to the internet when I try to download apps from the windows store when I am clearly connected. I am computer skill challenged so be gentle in your reply please. Oh and just fyi for the readers….Microsoft tried to sell me some plan so that they could fix my brand new computer with windows 8 preinstalled. Isnt that considered racketeering or some other horrible crime or fraud. what if I went to hospital for a pacemaker and the next day im skipping beats so they say hey we got this program that will fix it if you pay 149 bucks!!!! What happened to standards!

  • jedd

    at first when I download apps from the store they would download just by clicking on the app;now when l go to do the same thing it asks me to use a micrsoft account to download the app ???

  • Anand Khanse

    I think one always required to be signed in to his/her Microsoft Account before being able to download the apps from the Store.

  • kunal

    pls tell me how to run store troubleshooter in win 8.

  • Anand Khanse

    Download it from and double-click on the file to open and run it.

  • Richard C. McWolff

    I’m in the same boat as allot of folks . I’ve run this Troubleshooter app which does find two issues and supposedly fixed them and to check afterwards to see if the issue is resolved I try to installing just one of the updates, usually the camera one and I get that same notice that it can’t be installed. I even tried to get the Windows 8.1 update to start downloading and get that I need Admin privileges but I AM the Admin on my machine so I’m not sure what MS is trying to accomplish by making security even stricter than a Linux OS but it’s very off putting to spend inordinate amounts of time fussing around with trying to get something like a frigging update installed. Total waste of my time!

  • DroDro

    So where is this Windows 8 App Troubleshooter? How do I access it?

  • CarlysueP

    Can’t load apps from windows store. Asks me for my local password, which is seems to accept. Then wants me to sign in with my Microsoft account ( I use hotmail) Won’t accept my password, and sends a code to an alternate account. Then won’t accept the code that I get from the alternate accoutn. Very frustrating.

  • Evan Case

    I am having a problem too, since I had upgraded to 8.1, all my apps that had opened before now do the opening animation, turns black, then redirects me to my desktop doing the same if i click the app on the taskbar… Help?

  • Roberto Tomás

    I have found this app “cool times” that I liked but once I changed the configuration options, an unexpected change in its behavior makes it less useful. it wont go away now – so how can I find the app’s cache so I can delete just that?

  • chris

    My Windows 8.1 wont run Netflix.error is audio driver. How can I fix this ?

  • moglix

    Windows 8 App Troubleshooter is not a cost free tool. You should know this! Therefore Y deleted the download that demands money.

  • Anand Khanse

    It is free. Its link is given at the end of this post. Here is its direct link:

  • Nicholas Shane Lundstrom

    what if your charms are missing and rerouts you back to the start menue and every app on the start menue rerouts back to the start menue except the desktop icon?how do you fix this when your microsoft store app is also corupted? and the normal route of repair does not respond as usual for fixing and the win8 contolpanel doesnt find the error to be able to report it?

  • Matthijs Nihot

    My facebook app never worked.
    It can’t update the newsfeed so it doesn’t have a connection with my facebook.
    I tried the apptroubleshooter and the only cross i got is service registration which seems a big issue.

  • Geon George

    Just visit this blog for latest fix(trust me u won’t regret)
    u will find a small batch script which will help u really

  • Peter Pee

    Anyone having yhis problem with the app Asphalt 8 Airborne : not able to connect to events, Multiplayer and FaceBook ? Have a new Surface RT tablet and installed the game (I had it on my old tablet and there I had connection issues since June 13th). Something is blocking this app to connect to my WIFI (which is excellent and I have no issues with other apps).

  • samuel rand

    yes its sad im having same problems. methinks windows be a dust collector in a few short years

  • Julian Anderson

    Doesnt work on Windows 10

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