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Windows 8.1 Update Guides

Windows 8.1 Update Guides and How-to videos

Microsoft has released a set of videos and guides to help, business as well as power users to familiarize themselves with the new features of Windows 8.1 Update.  The Windows 8.1 Update or KB2919355, is now available for download to [...]

Windows 8 End User Training Brochure

Download Windows 8 & Windows RT End User Training Brochure

Microsoft has released a brochure titled Meet the new Windows. It is an excellent training brochure and guide which every new Windows 8 end user must read. Windows 8 End User Training Brochure & Guide This Windows 8 End User Training [...]


Download Surface Getting Started Guide from Microsoft

If you have bought a Surface Pro or a Surface RT, or are planning to buy one, you definitely want to download and read the Surface Getting Started Guide from Microsoft. Surface with Windows 8 Pro is powered by an Intel [...]

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Malware Removal Guide & Tools for Beginners

Windows being the most popular OS in the world, malware writers want to target it. As a result, a lot of malware and malicious software are written for it. This makes people wrongly comment that Windows is not secure; when the fact is [...]


Download Windows 8 Accessibility Guide from Microsoft

Microsoft has released an Accessibility Tutorials and a Fact Sheet for Windows 8 and it is now available for download from the Microsoft Download Center. The guide discusses the Accessibility features and options available in Windows 8. Windows 8 includes [...]


Download Windows 8 Product Guide for Business

Microsoft has released a Windows 8 Product Guide for Business and it is now available for download. The guide provides a detailed look at the new features in Windows 8 that are important to enterprise and business users. Microsoft does [...]

Understanding How DNS Lookup Works

Understanding DNS Lookup: A 101 Guide To DNS

Ever heard about the term “DNS” when using the Internet? DNS stands for Domain Name System. Before we go ahead and talk about what is DNS and how DNS lookup works, let us understand what the D in the DNS [...]


Download Windows 8 Release Preview Product Guide

How Windows 8 will be a boon to Business, has been explained in this new guide released by Microsoft. Titled simply as the Windows 8 Product Guide for Business, this guide how Windows has been reimagined in its 8th avatar [...]

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Tips: Switching from Mac to Windows PC

This article would interest those Mac users who are planning to switch to Windows 8 | 7 or those, who need to use a Windows PC at home or work too. As a Mac user, you would be familiar with [...]


Windows Server 8: Download, Overview, Features, Product Guide

Windows Server 8 as a Developer’s Preview was introduced at the BUILD conference last year and now Microsoft has launched its Beta version with loads of features for the IT professionals and software developers. Microsoft has been pioneering Servers for a [...]


Windows 8 Consumer Preview now available for download

Finally the wait is over and you can now download Windows 8 Consumer Preview or Windows 8 Beta version.You can also download Windows 8 Consumer Preview Product Guides for Business and Developers. The downloads are available for 32-bit (2.5 GB [...]

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