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Edge Work Smart Guide

Download Microsoft Edge Work Smart Guide

Microsoft Edge Work Smart Guide is now available as a free download at the Microsoft Download Center. Microsoft Edge is the new default web browser in Windows 10. It is fast, secure and designed to deliver a better web experience, […]

lenovo starting to use Windows 10

Starting to use Windows 10 – Guide from Lenovo

If you are planning to buy a Windows 10 PC and worried about the unpacking the latest operating system, stop worrying because Lenovo has a detailed user manual for its users. The Chinese computer Lenovo today released a PDF guide […]

Deploying Windows to Surface Pro 3

Deploying Windows to Surface Pro 3: Best practices

Microsoft has released a guide titled Deployment and Administration Guide for Surface Pro 3, that talks of best practices for deploying Windows to Surface Pro 3 devices. Windows to Surface Pro 3 Deployment This exhaustive 116 page guide has been […]


Using Apps Corner In Windows Phone 8.1

Many times it happens that we share our Windows Phone with friends, family, co-workers, but due to privacy concerns, we don’t want to display all apps to the person. In others words, if you want to show only few apps […]


Prevent AutoPlay from remembering User Choice in Windows

Whenever you plug a new hardware device to your Windows operating machine, you’re asked for what you want to do with the hardware you’ve just plugged in. Windows has the AutoPlay functionality, which can remember how you treat the devices […]


How to use BitLocker Drive Preparation Tool using Command Prompt

We have previously read about the BitLocker feature, where we’ve mentioned about the BitLocker Drive Preparation Tool. This tool is currently not available as a download for Windows 7 or Windows 8, and later users and only Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 users […]

Surface Pro 3 Guides

Download Surface Pro 3 Guides from Microsoft

Microsoft has made available for download, Surface Pro 3 User Guide and Surface Pro 3 Quick Start Guide, to help Surface 3 users quickly familiarize themselves with the new features that the device and the operating system has to offer. […]


Explore features and get started with Office 365

There are a lot of learning resources available for Microsoft Office 365. There is this Free Office 365  eBook, the Office 365 tools, tips, training and tricks kit for beginners, Office 365 Quick Start Guide, as well as the Office […]

Office 365 Quick Start Guide

Microsoft Office 365 Quick Start Guide for Businesses

The Microsoft Office 365 Quick Start Guide for Small to Medium Businesses will help users realize the full potential of Office 365, as it includes tricks, tips, tutorials, samples, templates and how-to videos about Office 365, which are sure to […]

explore windows 8.1 guide

Explore Windows 8.1 Work Smart Guide by Microsoft IT

There is no dearth of resources and guides available to help users explore and get started with the Windows 8.1 operating system. We have the Windows 8.1 Power User Guide for Business, the Windows 8.1 Update Guides and How-to videos as […]

Windows 7 New Features

Guide: New features available now in Windows 7

I was surprised to see a Windows 7 New Features Get Started guide being made available as a download at Microsoft Download Center. Then the key word struck me in its description – This guide describes some of the New […]

Office for iPad Product Guide

Download Office for iPad Product Guide from Microsoft

Having been downloaded over 12 million times, the recently released Microsoft Office for iPad app has quickly gone on to become one of the most popular downloads for iPad. To help users get the best out of this app, Microsoft […]

Windows PowerShell 4.0

Windows PowerShell 4.0 Guides from Microsoft

Microsoft has released Windows PowerShell 4.0 Book and Reference Guides and they are now available for download from the Microsoft Download center. The download includes and covers topics like PowerShell commands, shortcuts best practices, PowerShell Desired State Configuration, PowerShell Workflow, […]

Windows 8.1 Update Guides

Windows 8.1 Update Guides and How-to videos

Microsoft has released a set of videos and guides to help, business as well as power users to familiarize themselves with the new features of Windows 8.1 Update.  The Windows 8.1 Update or KB2919355, is now available for download to […]

Windows 8 End User Training Brochure

Download Windows 8 & Windows RT End User Training Brochure

Microsoft has released a brochure titled Meet the new Windows. It is an excellent training brochure and guide which every new Windows 8 end user must read. Windows 8 End User Training Brochure & Guide This Windows 8 End User Training […]


Download Surface Getting Started Guide from Microsoft

If you have bought a Surface Pro or a Surface RT, or are planning to buy one, you definitely want to download and read the Surface Getting Started Guide from Microsoft. Surface with Windows 8 Pro is powered by an Intel […]

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