OUTDATEfighter: Automatic System & Software Updater for Windows 7 | 8

From the SPAMfighter developers comes OUTDATEfighter, a software update checker that will help you update installed programs on your Windows machine, automatically. Updating software to its latest versions is an important step to ensure that you have its latest features and in staying secure online, as security patches are often included in updates. Instead of checking for software updates for each of the installed software individually, OUTDATEfighter will notify you immediately if new versions are available.

OUTDATEfighter Software Updater


OUTDATEfighter has a clean easy to use interface. On first run you will be required to scan your system. OUTDATEfighter will inspect all your installed software and from its database of over 1,234,334 software check if newer versions are available for any of your applications. This database is updated daily and will always have the newest versions.

The scan takes less than half a minute and once it is completed, it will display a list of programs that require to be updated.

Clicking on Download will directly download the updated version to your computer. Once done, the red Download button will turn to a green Install button. Clicking on Install will commence the installation.  If you wish, you can also Ignore updates for a particular software if you wish. Very convenient!

OUTDATEfighter includes an Uninstaller and a module to Update Windows OS too. The Uninstaller is an extra feature and is pretty basic, unlike some other free Uninstaller Software out there. If any Windows Updates are found, they are displayed under Important Updates and Optional Updates. So from one interface you can update your software, update your Windows and uninstall installed programs.

You can set OUTDATEfighter to auto-scan when the program is launched and run it at Windows logon too, if you wish.

Before a new version is made available to you, OUTDATEfighter installs and tests the new version for stability and malware. Only if it is clean is the update offered to you. This ensures that no update will include a potential threat from the software vendor.

A good software updater, in my opinion. Go get it from its home page. It worked just fine on my Windows 8, 64-bit.

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Anand Khanse aka HappyAndyK is an end-user Windows enthusiast, a Microsoft MVP in Windows, since 2006, and the Admin of TheWindowsClub.com. Please read the entire post & the comments first, create a System Restore Point before making any changes to your system & be careful about any 3rd-party offers while installing freeware.
  • MadHatter

    I personally use File Hippo Update Checker.

    For friends/family that do not update apps like they should, use Ninite! Pick from the software list and download the custom Ninite_Installer.exe. Next run task scheduler and have the Ninite.exe run at the beginning of every week.

    This way new app versions are automatically and SILENTLY installed. Absolutely no user intervention is required.

  • http://www.thewindowsclub.com Anand Khanse
  • Sputnick69

    I have newer had anything but problems with update checkers, reporting false positives, old versions as new and betas as new software updates. I also don´t like downloading software from other than the vendor or a trustworthy source. Software updaters is a great idea though and the day I hear of one that is working flawless I´ll give it another try

  • Ashkan

    I’m using FH Update Checker too. very small, convenient and reliable way to keep my programs updated.

    as a side note, I hope, one day, we see the same Windows application structure as iTunes AppStore, so that we use a reliable, fast and organized way to find, purchase and download programs and games.

  • Philip @ SPAMfighter

    Thank you very much for the mention Anand we appreciate it. We will be closing the smaller bugs and have begun the translation to a dozen languages and hope people will enjoy it.

  • dwightstegall

    I hated Secunia PSI. It would tell me that certain software needed updating. After updating them it still said I needed to update them. I switched to Filehippo updater and it has always performed perfectly. I see no reason to try anything else.

  • rogue installer

    here’s the thing about these. nobody needs one of these more than me. I use sumo update checker which list my installed applications at 943. it finds 3x more updates than any other but it won’t automatically download or install and it’s a good thing. theres a new malware in town in the form of third party installer packages. you will now say but the download portals are at sites that rate good with WOT. the rogue installer companies gave consideration to this. already today trying to download at softpedia I wound up with rogue software. I click the mirror the installer company alerts me to their presence and says they will offer additional software which I may refuse. ooops they forgot to mention that this url hijack entitles them to not even have the software I thought I was getting in the package at all. through the subtle wording I don’t notice that even though I declined all offers that clicking continue after that is agreeing to install all I had declined and even worse instead of installing in program files it hides the installation somewhere unknown. now you say ok sometimes that happens that’s where we can report malware. but I already have a feeling the internet community is below the curve on this one and the suspicion proves true when I click exactly the same mirror and this time I get my product with no third party installer. what’s happened is that developers with very good products going broke are having to sell their soles to advertisers. Its a shame because many with inferior software made it big because advertising was on their side. so because I like the windows club I’m warning you now not to do this. this next bit belongs in suggestions. the way it should work is that auto update is scriptable. I enter the portal url of my choosing and click save. one per product. then I choose how often I want it to rescan my computer calling the url’s also being able to choose if it runs or saves the package. I don’t mean to be rude but databases for this sort of thing are an absurdity just because the method I’m describing is fail safe and %100 accurate. that’s how it’s done with corporate products.

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