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  1. Mahit,

    Thanks for coverage of that new alert.
    I have been getting it when trying to log into my router settings, even though it was prefaced by:
    Which category does this come under and is there a way to correct this occurrence or does it in someway

    present a real hazard?

    Thanks for this and all the other great articles.

  2. Dear blogger,
    Ive tried every method that internet have offered regarding mozilla could not access internet but its not seem to be working??? Help please?

    Thank you in advance

  3. Started happening randomly a couple of days ago. Have it with most every website I go to (and which I’ve visited hundreds of times over the years). Even with my standard homepage (Google Belgium) I get the warning.

    However, in all cases, hitting the shortcut a second time (or refreshing the page) does away with the warning. Nothing life-threatening, just bloody annoying…

    Off to check if a BitDefender update has anything to do with it.

    Cheerio Ma(hatma)hit.


  4. How do I override this and access the site anyway? I’m not being given the option. I legitimately need to do this for troubleshooting a site that is triggering this block; the site in question is totally legitimate and there is no security issue in my overriding this block.

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