How to troubleshoot Time related errors on secure websites for Firefox

Many websites use certificates both to be secure and show they are secure. They are the ones for which the URL starts with HTTPS. Now, this security certificate is issued by the issuing authority for a certain period. Now if you see such errors in your Firefox browser, this post is sure to interest you.

Troubleshoot Time-related errors on secure websites for Firefox

If the time on your system’s clock is out of the validity period of a certain website’s certificate, the site won’t open. It would give the error “Your connection is not secure.” Eg. If a website’s certificate is valid from April 2007 to April 2019 and your system clock’s time was set somewhere in 2005, the site will show the error.How to troubleshoot time related errors on secure websites

To confirm whether the issue in Firefox is due to the time-related error, click on Advanced and check the error code. In the event of a time-related error, the error code would be one of the following ones:







Check the time on system

Now since the error is time-related, our first approach should be checking the time. If it is incorrect, rectify it using the following steps:

Set time automatically

  1. Click on the Start button and then on the gear like a symbol to open the Settings page.
  2. In the list, please select Time and Language from the available options.
  3. Set the Set time automatically option to On.
  4. Restart the system.

If this doesn’t change the time and date, please do the same manually on the same settings page. You might also consider verifying the time zone and location.

  1. To do so, click on Additional date, time, and regional settings on the Date & time settings page.
  2. Select the option Select the time and date or Change the time zone to modify the settings manually.

Contact the website owner

If changing the date and time doesn’t help, the owner of the website could be alerted to check if its certificates are expired.

Bypass the warning

This is not recommended due to security reasons – but there is a way to do it if you want to, if you trust the website.

  1. Click on Advanced on the warning page and then on Add Exception.
  2. Click on View and then on Confirm security exception.

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