Best free Batch Word to PDF Converter software for Windows 10

There may come a time when you feel the need to convert your Word documents to PDF. Now, this can be done with Microsoft Word quite easily, but what happens when you want to convert several Word documents at once? In such a situation, you’ll need a tool that is designed for batch converts, which is why we’re going to talk about Batch Word to PDF Converter for Windows 10/8/7. Not only is this tool free, and able to convert all of your Word documents to PDF one after the other, but it can merge different documents into a single PDF file.

Free Word to PDF Converter software

We like the fact that you can easily install it on your computer, or even run it from a USB drive if you’re working on a friend’s PC. Additionally, we should point out that Batch Word to PDF is only capable of converting Word, Excel and PowerPoint files to PDF.

Batch convert Word documents to PDF files

Free Word to PDF Converter software

After downloading and installing the software, you’ll notice that there’s a simple user interface. It’s easy to understand, therefore, even the lords of novices should have little obstacles in their way.

Not only is it easy to use and understand, but it also comes with a Wizard guide designed to help you through the entire product. At the top, you’ll see a toolbar along with a menu bar, and at the same time, you should also come across printing options among others.

When it comes down to converting Microsoft Word documents, just drag and drop the file to the white opened space, click on Start Now, and voila, a brand new PDF document is born.

What about security?

Batch convert Word documents to PDF files

Ah yes, it’s possible to secure your document during the conversion process. If you want your PDF file to be password protected, then this is possible directly from Batch Word to PDF Converter.

Users can even prevent printing and prevent anyone from copying content from your PDF.

Overall, there’s nothing much to talk about in terms of features and functionality. It’s a simple tool with limited options, and you know what? We do not care. The idea is to convert Word documents to PDF, and it does that really well.

Batch Word to PDF Converter free download

There’s really nothing else for it to do, and we hope many developers decide to go down this route instead of overstuffing their software with unneeded functions. Download the file right here from the official website.

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