Use Google Drive to convert Images to Text (OCR)


  1. Is it possible to convert the Kannada images converted to editable text? If so how to do since I am new to your program

  2. amazing. But it required the internet connectivity. if it is available stand alone software it will be very very useful.

  3. After I uploaded the file in the drive and tried to click “open with” google doc…. unfortunately I cant see google doc. :/

  4. Hello Sridhar,
    Is there any possibility to convert all the image files in a google drive folder to Text (OCR), instead of converting one by one with “open with google docs”?

  5. Hi Sundar. As of now Google Drive does not allow you to extract text from multiple images at one time. If you want that, what I can suggest is first combine all the images as one large image and try to extract the text from it using the above mentioned technique. Hope this helps!

  6. when I converted my jpg, it does convert to a doc but the language is not even english. How do i fix it to convert it to english? and yes, the jpg that I am converting to a doc does have english on it.

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