How to Convert Word, PowerPoint, Excel Documents into PDF using Google Docs

Google Docs is the most popular and well known online documentation platform by Google for reading as well as creating, Importing, and Publishing Documents including that of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations, etc.

How to Convert Word Document or Excel Into PDF using Google Docs

Convert Word, PowerPoint, Excel to PDF using Google Docs

While many people might not know, one of the excellent features of Google Docs is that it has the capability of converting Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations into Portable Document Format (PDF) format using a single click.

There are times where we might have to take files in the format of Portable Document Format (PDF), or convert your Word, PPT or Excel files into PDF files, while on the go.  In such a case you may find it easy to convert them using Google Docs.

How to Convert Word Document or Excel Into PDF using Google Docs

Step 1:
To convert a normal documents into PDF format files, you will have to import the documents into Google Docs from your Computer. You can also use Google Docs to create documents.

Step 2:
Once you Upload or Create the document, Saveit.

Step 3:
Now select the box besides each of the documents, which are going to be converted into PDF.

Step 4:
Once you haveselected the documents, go to “More actions” tab and click on “Export as” button, to export the document. Then Select “Save as PDF” from there.

Step 5:
The converted PDF file can now be saved be saved to your Computer.

In this way, you can now convert your favorite documents which are in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, etc formats to PDF formats. Google Docs is considered to be one of the safest way to convert documents into PDF.

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  1. Neat trick! Never thought to do that. Brilliant!

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