Windows 10 Upgrade stuck at Choose your keyboard layout screen


  1. I’ve been through the proces described above, but still same problem (however in the second last command “bootrec /rebuildbcd” it comes up with “Total identified windows installations: 0”. I assume it shoudl read “1”??

    I’m not 100% sure I’m doing it on the right drive. Nothing happened when I did it on the C: drive, but worked better when doing the previous steps on my F:drive. Running it on both however still didn’t solve the problem.

    So, two questions:

    1: How do I in the command prompt see which drives I have (have two harddisks in the computer)?
    2: I nothing works, can I reinstall without losing all the files on the computer, or what options do I have?

    Third question, more out of curiosity. I got this problem, when Windows 10 made an automatic update. I tried something similar some years ago on another Win operating system when it made an update, and went into an never ending reboot loop. I understand this is a complex thing to make an OS, but really seems to me that they are not tested thoroughly enough before sending out to the entire world. Just thinking of how many like me have this problem, and the amount of hours I have already spent on this. Any thought on this? 🙂

  2. I’ve been through with this, too.
    In my case, Upgrade was from Windows 8.1 Pro, and managed this issue somehow with a help of a mouse connected to PS/2 port.
    It worked!

  3. Since none of the USB ports work, how do you do a fresh install of Windows 10? My laptop doesn’t have an optical drive.

  4. Microsoft breaks my computer more than my kids do, so wish I could back charge Microsoft for making me do there repair work for them.

  5. Hi! I was doing a recovery option to go back to an earlier version of windows WITHOUT losing my files and once the recovery process started, I ended up getting the “frozen” screen that says “CHOOSE YOUR KEYBOARD LAYOUT” but I cannot choose anything. If we do the reboot from a USB, what are the chance of my files NOT GETTING LOST? I am so sick to my stomach to think my files are going to be gone……

  6. Install your hard drive as a second drive in another machine–one that boots properly. Boot the machine, then click on “File Explorer” or “Computer”. Click on “This PC”, and a list of hard drive volumes should come up. Choose the foreign volume (the one that you were having trouble with), and go to the Users folder. Choose the user. Choose the files or folders you want to back up, and copy them to a DVD, CD, or USB (thumb drive).

    I call this process “lifeboating”, but there’s probably an “industry specific” name for it.

  7. Win 10 stuck in option 1 for boot order, arrow keys don’t work I need to boot from a USB to reload 10 again!

  8. I get “access is denied” with the “bootrec /fixboot” command. Anyone else run into this issue?

  9. currently on the phone with Microsoft support and I had to tell them about this potential fix. They didn’t even offer the attempt. They said they would call me when they had a fix and I would not have a computer until then. Horrible.
    If this works I will post again with results

  10. I am currently using another computer to download windows 10 iso files to a USB. I will then transfer to the affected computer. Hope that helps

  11. But none of the USB ports work on the affected computer. How will you load Windows 10 iso files to a PC from a USB to a computer without working USB ports?

  12. None of these things helped me. I’ve spent hours and days on the phone with Microsoft. One day, they sent me the download (as mentioned above) to fix it. When I called back for support I was told this would not work (and I was not able to get it to work when I tried on my own).
    I was then told they needed to send out a tech to fix it. (there were also no notes in my file regarding earlier conversations) I was directed to get a cash card ($50) to pay the tech.
    Waiting for the no show tech, I called to follow up and am told they never ever send out a tech, and I’m supposed to take my computer to a Microsoft store (there are none in my area).
    I’ll be hauling my PC to a computer store. I hate Microsoft. I hate Windows 10.

  13. The “tech support” you contacted was actually a scam. There’s no legitimate tech support that asks you to get a physical cash card.

  14. I would, was it not for the fact that it locked everything down with defaultuser0, which i checked up on is a bug – and there is no password. this means I cannot access any of this.

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