Fix: Windows 10 creates an extra Disk Partition


  1. Ok but is it safe to delete it? Some IT guy told me not to touch it. I got G: oem partition 450MB with nothing in it after this update. Also with full disk notifications.

  2. If you’re just removing the drive letter, the partition is still there and usable. Windows just won’t pester you about it anymore.

  3. Garbage info. Worse overreaction. But not surprised.

    The new service partition created by Win Update April 1803 is actually a WinRE Tool partition.

    Peer into it and compare the file dates. Then do the math.

  4. Step 3 is the correct (and ONLY) way to handle this. It does NOT DELETE the partition. It simply removes the drive letter (thus “remove”, not “delete”). You can shorten this by just saying “remove” instead of “remove letter=X”.

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