USB Devices not working in Windows 10

USB or Flash drives are the choice of many users, as far as data transfer among different computers is concerned. However, at times it may happen that your USB devices are not working properly and they led to poor user experience. For example, when you plug in issued USB devices, they either do not show up or if they show up, became idle after few seconds of inactivity. In other cases, we found that when we try to access files on these USB devices, Windows File Explorer hangs for almost 1 or 2 minutes.

Most of the time, we carry important data on our USB devices, and if the issue of not charging occurs, we might not be able to finish our important work which follows the path via USB drive. Therefore, it is necessary to fix these random issues, so that we can use USB devices without any hitch. Before trying the fix mentioned, we suggest you check your USB devices to plug different computers. This will clear if the USB device is not malfunctioning and if it is working fine on other systems and not on your Windows 10/8/7, follow this procedure:

USB Devices Not Working Properly

1. Press Windows Key + R and type devmgmt.msc in the Run dialog box to open Device Manager.

usb devices not working

2. When the Device Manager window opens, you have to seek the USB device with whom you’re facing trouble. It may be listed under Human Interface Devices as USB Input Device.

If you don’t find it there, you can expand Universal Serial Bus controllers. Here, you’ll find a list of USB devices you’ve connected with your system so far. To find the one from the list for which you have an issue, you have to follow the trial and error method. That is, plug and remove the device and note the changes among the list of devices for Universal Serial Bus controllers. The entry which is appeared and then removed subsequently is the entry for the issued device. Keep the device plugged in and right click on this entry, pick Properties.


3. In the device properties window shown below, switch to Details tab. Now click the drop-down menu for Property and select Device Instance Path. Note down the corresponding Value because we will need this value in further steps. By the way, this value is a combination of three IDs; namely Vendor ID (VID), Product ID (PID), Instance ID.


4. Press Windows Key + R combination, type put regedit in Run dialog box and hit Enter to open the Registry Editor.


5. Navigate here:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\USB\<Device Instance Path>\Device Parameters


Substitute the Device Instance Path part (after USB\) obtained from the step 3.

6. In the right pane of Device Parameters key look for the DWORD named EnhancedPowerManagementEnabled which must be showing its Value data as 1. Double click on the same to get this:


7. In the above-shown box, change the Value data to 0. Click OK. You may now close the Registry Editor as well as Device Manager.

Reboot the machine to get fixed!

If this does not help, maybe you want to try the Windows USB Troubleshooter.

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An Electrical Engineer by profession, Kapil is a Microsoft MVP and a Microsoft Content Creator. Please read the entire post & the comments first & create a system restore point before making any changes to your system.


  1. Crysta T Lacey

    Hi KapilArya,

    So far I haven’t experience the USB problem specifically in W 8.1.0 Pro or W 8.1.1. What I have found is that (File) Explorer is somewhat unstable and I am not sure why??? The best solution I have found is to restart “Explorer”. I use “System Explorer”, “Process Explorer” or UWT from the Context Menu. sometimes “Explorer” hangs(even to the point that I need to do a “System Restart”), consumes a large (10-15%) of my CPU or gets erratic in function. It is totally intermittent and sometime between episodes, so I have not been able to figure it out.

    Another issue that causes a somewhat similar problem in “Explorer” to the USB problem, is when one does not have the NAS Drives powered on, on the LAN. Explorer will do an exhaustive search for them, hanging itself. Restarting Explorer helps, turning the NASs’ on again clears the problem. I have 3 NAS, but I don’t what to have them powered all of the time for security reasons, since 2 of them are primarily for backups.

    I did not experience either of these problems in W 8.0.0 Pro or W 7 Pro SP 1 .

    Best Regards,


  2. ^^ Explorer hangs – Please try the SFC /SCANNOW command in administrative Command Prompt and see if that helps 🙂

  3. Crysta T Lacey

    Hi Kapil,

    I use sfc and dism regularly (about twice a week or more) because I know Windows eats(corrupts itself). I have no current corruptions since I just run them a day and a half ago.


  4. ^^ Remove all the third-party software installed on your system, re-run SFC and check if the issue still persists 🙂

  5. Rose

    Hi! Thanks so much for the help. So far everything worked but now I am facing the problem of not finding the “enhancedPowerManagementEnabled” but only “EnumerationFailureCode” and “EnumerationRetryCount” as DWORD. Any idea for solving that 🙁 ? I would really appreciate it…Best regards

  6. Rose

    Well I will simply try it by changing the name and modifying the values 🙂 but that is probably not the right way for solving…

  7. UK Computer Pro

    What an unintentionally hilarious response! MS and their MVPs always come out with this one… You may as well just reformat and reinstall Windows. For most people it would a)be too much hassle, b)be pointless as you may as well reformat/reinstall Win8 and c)Uninstalling lots of stuff causes more problems than it solves!

    This kind of response is the last feeble attempt of the desperate to prove their worth as IT advisors.

  8. ^^ You should let remain the existing values as it is and instead create a new DWORD named EnhancedPowerManagementEnabled and modify its Value data as indicated in article.

  9. John Yungton

    USB, Explorer – whatever, it didn’t happen with Win 7, thanks MS!

  10. John Yungton


  11. John Yungton

    Add a new DWORD yourself, right click New / DWord…

  12. Bee&Bee

    I have done all the things written up. But still the problem is not solved. What to do ? Please help me !

  13. Cuffy

    I just stumbled onto this post and realize it’s old.
    It has been awhile since I had a USB problem and my memory is bad but if I remember anything it is to simply remove all USB drivers from Devices. Remove any suspect drive and reboot. Drivers for all installed devices will be reinstalled by Windows and bad drivers are gone. I don’t think crawling around the registry is required.
    I use a USB mouse and keyboard and they always seem to pop back up on the reboot.


  14. Bryon

    Thanks. Windows needs to get their act straight and hire new people if they keep having all these hardware problems. Apparently Windows has no attention to detail when it comes to this. I’m a graphic designer and I have these problems all the time with our office computers. The USB ports sometimes like to not work and read our external hard drives; this is a big problem for us because we have our work on them. Mac never gave us these problems nor did Windows 7. I still do not understand why they Created Windows 8 to begin with; there was nothing wrong with 7. They need to learn: if it ain’t broke don’t mess with it and brake it by coming out with a “new” version that stops working. I’m going to switch to mac now. F-U Windows.

  15. al

    There is not any dword named that one you said.
    Is it possible to be with another name?

  16. Create a system restore point first. Then create this DWORD if it does not exist.

  17. Tony

    Thank you for posting this. It helped solve my problem that I was having with my scanner. Regards.

  18. Sam

    I have this problem on windows 8.1…..but EnhancedPowerManagementEnabled doesn’t come up for the device, even though it appears under Universal Serial Bus Controllers list (with an eclaimation symbol next to it).

    I can send a screengrab if that helps….

    What does this mean?

  19. amosabo

    Toshiba Satellite USB issue

    A simple fix is to check your Power Options:

    Control Panel –> Hardware and Sound –> Power Options –> Change plan settings –> Change advanced power settings –> USB Settings –> USB Selective Suspend Settings:
    Set both options to disabled. Do the same for all your power options (change at the top: Balanced/ High Performance/ Eco.. etc. )

    Just changing the registry did not do it because the power settings kept changing it back so this fix should do.
    (I am on a Toshiba Satellite C855D – 16V running Windows 8.1 with the latest updates 01.01.2015 )

  20. paloma

    Unfortunately that did not resolve the issue. I am also using a brand new Toshiba Satellite and this is frustrating me no end. Thanks for the info

  21. Slackz

    Didn’t work for me. Please find solution. This isn’t good for my speakers at all!

  22. Devin

    Not sure how we are to do this if the DEVICES DONT WORK!

  23. Juha Rantala

    I have the same problem. Usb drives does not work. It does not find driver(error 28). If i would know this i would have not buy a win 8. Please fix this issue..

  24. Ashley

    Once I get to step five, the EnhancedPowerManagementEnabled option is not available

  25. ^^ Refer previous comments to get hint.

  26. bimo

    Interesting article. Since switching to Win 8.1 I experience all the time those USB3 issues as my main external drive with the majority of my data is connected via USB3. Tried to adjust via energy management settings which improved but still the issues occur once in a while. My frustration is growing and growing and I am thinking of getting back to Win 7.
    Has anybody experienced the same issues with Win 10 technical preview?

  27. Charlie7

    My computer crashed and I was lucky enough to have all of my stuff transferred on a key until I bought a laptop. Last week-end, while transferring the contents from the key to my new laptop that has Windows 8.1, as soon as I opened the Images folder, a message window popped-up saying something like this ‘this pc cannot view the … I did not get a chance to read all of the message let alone write it down because at the same time on the top scroll bar, a green line appeared and went from left to right very fast. As soon as that was finished, the message disappeared and the key was ejected. While not panicking, I re-booted the laptop and tried again to no avail twice. Since Monday, I so far tried it on 5 other computer/laptops and all the key does is 2 red beeps and then nothing. My question to you is this: is my key dead or is there some hope that I can opened it to continue the transfer? Until I bought the laptop, I did work on the key and everything was fine until the transfer.
    Thank you

  28. ALC

    Trouble shooters are useless. They give you the same old same old information and tells people vaguely what is wrong and that is it! Unfortunately, if someone is here reading this article, they are likely as frustrated as can be, and know what the problem is. Most people could care less about the details of the problem and just want it fixed. SO every time a trouble shooter waves it’s magic wand it feels like it is giving you the middle finger.

  29. ALC

    Anyone have any other brilliant ideas? This issue is ridiculous! I have spent a month looking for some sort of solution. Occasionally I could get one or two options to work but if it works for 20 minutes I am lucky. The thing that is most frustrating is that it seems most sources who have written a solution seem to have copied and pasted info ad have never actually experienced the issue, except for maybe in a simulated environment, and not the real deal.If I try the chip set manufacturer they say that it is not a problem on their end. HP is pretty much useless when it comes to this despite the large number of people having the Issue. Microsoft certainly is no help and is likely the originator of the useless methods that don’t work. Time is money and this issue is costing me. My notebook is a paper weight if I can’t use usb devices. This issue seems to be an on again off again problem with windows going all the way back to at least 2009, and I find it odd there isn’t somekind of update that should automatically fix this. Its almost like everyone involved (microsoft, HP, AMD etc), just move along and are hoping this agically just goes away.

  30. Gorbaa

    Hey , cute tutorial but in my device manager there is no such thing as mass storage data

  31. Bob Knowsall


  32. Katherine

    mine either


    Hi kapil… wen i m connecting to usb jack,,,, there is no option in device manager,,,, “USB MASS STORAGE DEVICE” so that i can go to properties then device instance path. 2 out of 3 usb are working , 3rd usb is not showing any message or notifical also. please help ,,,thanks

  34. Arshad Hossain

    kapil my mouse is not waorkking

  35. farts

    Hey yeah, this solution would work great if my usb keyboard and mouse were working DUH!!!

  36. Spydur

    USB port fail after Windows 10 upgrade

    Upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7 (64). Soon thereafter,
    two of four USB ports stopped working.

    I initially restored these by going to Device Manager,
    Universal Serial Bus controllers, and disabling and then re-enabling the
    following drivers on my desktop PC (Dell XPS One 2710):

    Intel® USB 3.0 eXtensible Host
    Controller – 1.0 (Microsoft), and

    Texas Instruments USB 3.0 xHCI Host Controller

    This only worked for a little while.

    I searched for updated drivers. None to be found or had.

    I next Uninstalled the drivers for both devices, above, and
    re-booted. The onboard drivers reloaded and the USB ports worked again… for a
    few hours.

    Stumbling around and while looking through Startup programs
    in Task Manager, I discovered the Intel® USB 3.0 Monitor.

    I disabled it and re-booted.

    So far, so good. Perhaps Intel’s USB monitor doesn’t play
    well (yet?) with Windows 10…

  37. Kendral Mobley

    I got one for you guys: I have two of the exact same flash. I’m running Windows 10 on a hp desktop. I have been using these same flash drives for about 6 months with no problems. About two days ago one of them malfunctioned and now my pc gives me that “malfunctioned or not recognized error”. I can take that same flash drive and put it in my laptop and there are no problems. I can take the twin to this flash drive and it works perfectly well in both pc’s. I can put it the bad one in the port and the sound of mounting is heard but the drive is not listed in the drive list under “my pc”, though it is listed in the device mgr and in device management.. In order to get this malfunctioning drive to even list in “my pc”, is to go into device mgr and reinstall or sometimes update the driver. But as soon as i eject it, I must repeat the above process to use the flash drive again, every time! My pc ports are working fine, i have check the flash drive for error (scan disc) and there are none. At this point I don’t know where the problem is so that I can fix it. Is the flash drive bad, if so why does it work fine in a different pc? Is the problem with my pc, if so why does the same exact twin to that malfunctioning flash drive work fine in the pc?

  38. Richard

    Every week, I back up my computer to an external hard drive (USB 3). I had hoped that the problem would go away with Windows 10, but it has not.
    I can connect the USB drive, and the computer acknowledges it by playing the tone. The LED on the drive flashes correctly. If I disconnect and reconnect it, the proper signals are given, but the drive never appears in “My Computer” even though every USB2 device is recognised. The only way I can get the USB 3 drive recognised is to go into computer management, storage, add the drive and assign it a letter. This does not help with the automatic back-up. I cannot leave this drive connected all the time, so I need a solution. The computer is an Acer V5. Perhaps it needs a Windows 10 driver for USB3

  39. anas

    hy i have problem with my dell nspiron 5000. 2 of the USB ports are not working. i have checked the device manager menu, but could not find the options for the set up u described above. pls i need help

  40. Jafbey

    I’m having the same problem as anas. No recognition at all with USB. I hear the sound from my phone that it is connected, but the computer does not pick up the mass storage and only charges the phone.

  41. Christopher Campbell

    More so Windows 10 has that feature built into it…I am not mad at Mr. Arya answer as I was before because Microsoft must have realized that too so they put in Factory Reset into Windows 10…besides that Microsoft Store which reduces Users from downloading viruses off the internet.

  42. Syed

    One word you, You are Genius, Thanks. Worked for me.
    I have 3 usb ports, out of which only 1 worked for hard disk and usb drives and the rest 2 only worked for my mouse, after the above setting changes every port works fine for all devices. Thanks again.

  43. Sohaib Arshad

    “USB device not recognized. The last USB device connected to this computer malfunctioned” says the error message… “Enumeration Failure” and ” Enumeration Failure Count” are displayed instead of “Enhanced Power Management Enabled” in the registry editor… and uninstalling the USB controller returns a message ” Unable to reset the Port”. Can you please help me trouble shooting this problem I have been struggling for about two months till today to get a sound solution, nothing worked. It was working perfectly in win 8.1 and a month later than that when I upgraded to Win 10 the problem seemed to occurring on one port of the same hub and then to the other port too. Please suggest me with a working solution.
    Sohaib Arshad (Pakistan) ; // if you could please refer me to some technical support center
    //within Pakistan that would also be great.

  44. James Ruslte

    Doesn’t work

  45. Prince Farrar

    Alright, this is probably pretty late, but nonetheless.

    This might just be the solution for you:
    If you have a pen drive or a flash drive inserted, and in your device manager, it shows it under “other devices” with a yellow exclamation mark,

    then right click on it-> Update driver -> Browse my computer for driver software-> Let me pick from the list of device drivers from my computer-> SELECT DISK DRIVES and install the driver software.

    This will install USB mass storage driver on your computer AND allow you to use your pen drives.

  46. Prince Farrar

    Alright, this is probably pretty late, but nonetheless. Lol.

    This might just be the solution for you:
    If you have a pen drive or a flash drive inserted, and in your device manager, it shows it under “other devices” with a yellow exclamation mark,

    then right click on it-> Update driver -> Browse my computer for driver software-> Let me pick from the list of device drivers from my computer-> SELECT DISK DRIVES and install the driver software.

    This will install USB mass storage driver on your computer AND allow you to use your pen drives.

  47. Gabriel Ellis

    Im trying to use an akai LPK25, im positive this is the issue as it powers down after 5 seconds of being plugged in. When i get to the folder, instead of enhanced power management theres a DWord called DeviceSelectiveSuspended (Which from what Ive read is basically the same thing). However, everytime I change it to 0, or even delete the DWord all together, when i replug in the USB cord it appears again with a 1 value. Any idea how to fix it?

  48. Matt

    Windows 10 is a disaster. USB CDC ACM devices when plugged in are not given the correct driver, they get the system one, and get assigned the same COM number.

  49. Craig Crisp

    OK, so I followed the above directions to a ‘T’. However, when I got to the “In the right pane of Device Parameters key look for the DWORD named EnhancedPowerManagementEnabled” there was no DWORD named “EnhancedPowerManagementEnabled”. So now what? Thanks for any further advice!

  50. Heather Mendick

    Thank you so, so much, I had to create both EnhancedPowerManagementEnabled and SymbolicName. I didn’t believe it was going to work but rebooted and there was my USB drive back in Explorer where it belongs. You have stopped me hating Windows 10.

  51. Windell

    I have the same problem as most everyone here, but went into computer management and it asked to initilize the disk and doesn’t that wipe all data off the disk? My external hdd was used on a Mac for years and now can’t get it to be recognized on my Dell. Pretty sure the disc is formatted in FAT32, could this be the root problem?

  52. Keith Williams

    Well…I have now run into the issue with Windows 10 not recognizing any USB port on my system. Everything was working fine last night. No updates ran, no new software, no new devices, etc… Every single USB port will not recognize. They work fine from the BIOS of the system, but as soon as Windows “takes control” all USB ports cease function. As such, I am unable to get into Windows to make any adjustments to power setting, registry settings, cannot get into safe mode, etc… I have even updated the BIOS on my system. I am at a loss as to how to correct this issue. If the USB KB and mouse will not work, how can I get into the OS to make the adjustments to the system to correct the issue?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

  53. When i connect my canon printer model lbp 2900b my usb con’t recognise please give me a solution.

  54. monkeyboyjenkins

    Your instructions worked for me on Windows 8.1. Thank you for your advice! Prior to using your advice, I tried the update device feature and the Windows USB Trouble Shooter, neither worked.

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