NanWick Windows Uninstaller: Freeware To Completely Uninstall Windows

Using multiple operating systems on a single computer is one of the most common things these days. The use of it serves many advantages to users, for example if one of the operating system becomes unbootable, you can continue computing with another and access your data files on that OS too. On the another hand, release of new beta versions has made most of the users to test them on separate HDD – thus again the parallel booting concept is used. One thing I have observed so far these days is that, when the users upgrade to a new edition of operating system, they most probably look for removing the old edition.

Uninstall Windows 8 | 7

Meet NanWick Windows Uninstaller, which is a freeware to make your work easy in uninstalling Windows OS; It works just the way you uninstall any installed software. You can use this tool for the removal of Windows 8 | 7 | Vista from your computer, plus it is also helpful in uninstalling Windows preview versions.


This software is intended to delete the operating system related files from the machine followed by removal of operating system’s entry at the boot menu. All the other files on the drive on which operating system is installed will remain untouched. If you don’t want to let your libraries removed with operating system along with your personal data on them, you can make a backup first from C:\Users\{username}.

How this tool works

The working procedure of this tool is stepwise. First of all, it takes up the ownership of the Windows folder in the system root directory. Then it takes up the ownership of some hidden files and folders in the system root directory listed below:

  • Program Files
  • Users
  • ProgramData
  • $Recycle.bin
  • Recovery
  • Config.Msi
  • Documents and settings
  • hiberfil.sys
  • pagefile.sys
  • config.sys

After taking the ownership of the content mentioned above, it simple deletes them. So far, the operating system documents has been removed till now. Finally, we have to root out its trace from the boot menu. For this, the tool utilizes the concept of BCDEDIT command. It simply executes bcdedit /delete <IDENTIFIER>. Here, you can easily find out the <IDENTIFIER> by executing bcdedit command in the administrative Command Prompt. This removes the OS entry from the boot menu. So finally, the tool will have uninstalled Windows completely.


What you would have to do otherwise

To uninstall Windows, you simply need to do two steps. Firstly backup the data on the drive and format it using the Explorer. Then remove the entry from the boot menu using BCDEDIT command as explained above.

NanWick Windows Uninstaller free download

The uninstallation of the Windows operating system becomes easy with Windows Uninstaller – you just need to download the tool from HERE and follow the on-screen instructions, and in few clicks you’ll be able to remove your desired operating system.

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