How to Clean Install Windows 10 from USB


  1. Hi AnandK I have on my notebook Windows 8.1 and 10 IP but on choosing an operating system windows 10 partiton dosen’t have windows logo, why?

  2. Hi Andy, if I do a dual boot with seven or windows 8.1 is a serial number or activation needed or it takes what is in the computer old OS ? (in the first year time period of course).

  3. Andy sorry to be so thick head but I’m saying to do a dual boot on a different partition, will windows 10 use the key from my old OS anyway ?

  4. I have a problem in “choosing an operating system” section.
    it shows 3 windows 10 versions to choose from, how can I fix this?

  5. hi so i got to the part where it shows the window logo and it shows its getting ready, but then it goes to a black screen instead of showing the “installing windows” screen.

  6. Hi!! I have a question for you: I updated my laptop from 8.1 to W10 last year. Now I was thinking about having W10 and 8.1 (again) runing on dual boot. My question is: Already having windows 10 up and runing, is it possible to install a previous version of windows (in my case, 8.1) on another partition in my laptop? Thank you!

  7. My Sons Laptop did upgrade to windows 10 Home. But after upgrading the ram from 4GB to 8GB it is looking me to re activate. Any help here.

  8. I have a windows 10
    and the auto configuration nor manual is not working to get internet access. Attempted restore and reset and both failed. Does this mean OS needs to be installed for windows 10?

  9. Hi sir, i’m using linux os and i want to install windows 10 from usb, what should i do?

  10. Note something important, that the author is not informing the readers here:

    If you switch to Legacy in BIOS and install windows 10, then you will loose the Windows Boot Manager in UEFI, and you will have to stay in Legacy. Otherwise you have to keep UEFI in the BIOS and convert your system drive from MBR to GPT, which is faster actually…

  11. I’d just like to confirm the following: my Mobo is an ASUS. I’m planning to do a fresh format and repartitioning of an older hard drive but my mobo only recognizes FAT32 to upgrade via USB> in terms of the media creation tool from Windows will this be the main format it will automatically format my flash to or are newer mobos excepting NTFS and will it format my flash to NTFS?

  12. My problem is that when everything is finished downloading and it is suppose to restart to the “Getting Ready” screen, it instead reboots to the windows setup screen. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

  13. Thanks for the screenshots, much preferred over youtube; Although it is not mentioned here when to remove the USB (after the reboot). If it boots again from the USB it would bring back to square 1 of installation

  14. Perfect instructions, worked first time. Upgraded a 500gb to a2TB hard drive and used a cleanly formatted cruzer 64gb USB to reload windows. Thankyou

  15. Hi ,,,
    Please rply..
    when i intalling windows 10 and files and all setup are complete to copy then system restart but after restart it start again to boot .Why its going on ?…
    please tell me what to do ????
    when should i remove bootable pendrive and when plug in …..

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