How to dual boot Windows 8 and Windows 7 on one PC


  1. Nice. I normally format the partition also during install using the advanced option after choosing the partition on which it’s to be installed. At present I’m also dualbooting after trying out on VirtualBox.

  2. I must not have done something right. I did not get the dual boot option. I restored my Windows 7 partition using Norton Ghost. I will try it again. Someone told me that I may have to go into the Control Panel > System > Advanced System Settings > Startup and Recovery Settings radio button > Choose the OS options there.

  3. I think you did not create extra partition for Windows 8 to install on.
    Usually this doesn’t happen.
    If the dual boot menu doesn’t show up you need to enable Win 7 as the first boot OS. Control Panel>System>Advanced Systems Settings>Advanced>Startup and Recovery.
    Do this when you are in Windows 8. .
    Hope this works….

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