Install Windows OS on Mac OS X using VMware Fusion

Good news for all of you Microsoft Windows fans and still better news for you Mac OS X fans who want to try out any new version of Windows OS! Now the Windows OS can be installed on Mac OS X using VMware Fusion.

Install Windows OS using VMware

There are some prerequisites for installing Windows on Mac OS X which are listed below:

1. You must have Windows 10 or Windows 8 .ISO file. It is available in 3 versions so you can download according to your need.

2. Get a copy of VMware Fusion 4 and install it on your Mac. If you haven’t got one, you can get a Free Trial Version for 30 days here.

3. You should have an Internet connection.

4. Good idea to get a Microsoft Account ID.

And now you are ready to install Windows on your Mac. Follow the instructions given below to enjoy the ultimate experience of Windows 8:

1. Run VMware Fusion. Click on New and select Continue without Disc. This way, you can install Windows without burning the .iso file to a disk.

2. Now click on Choose a disc or disc image option and select the .iso file of Windows that you have downloaded.

3. There are two ways that you can follow to help VMware recognize the .iso file. First one is that you let VMware recognize the .iso file itself. It may take some time to accomplish this task. The second and the quickest way is to choose the Operating System as Microsoft Windows, and the version as Windows 7 as the system requirements of Windows 7 and Windows 8/10 are the same.

4. After this, customize the settings for Windows as per your need in the next window. Click Finish and get ready for the installation process.

5. In the next step, choose the Language, Time and Currency Format and Keyboard or Input method you would like to have.

6. Choose the type of installation you would like to have in the next window.

7. Now all you have to do is to wait for 8-10 minutes so that Windows could check your files and could update any if required.

8. Now personalize your settings. Give a name to your computer, choose and customize settings and log in with your Windows Live ID.

9. After you have followed these steps correctly and accurately, Windows will finalize your settings, and in no time you will have Windows 8 running on your Mac OS X.

And VoilĂ ! You can now get your hands on Windows on your Mac OS X.

Enjoy the beauty of Windows OS on your Mac!

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