Downgrade from Windows 10 using EaseUS System GoBack Free


  1. I suppose this works if no Windows 7 system files is deleted (with Windows Clean Up) after Windows 10 is installed?

  2. What’s the difference between this and the Windows native backup tool, where a system image can be also created?

  3. Please can anyone tell me the easiest (I’m not a techie) way to go back to Windows 7? Preferably without losing my programs etc on my laptop. I agreed to an update of windows 10 two days ago and I hate it! Please help!

  4. It has been mentioned elsewhere, after ‘Upgrading’ to Win10, you can rename or Copy/Paste to another location the C:$Windows.~BT, C:$Windows.~WS, and C:inetpub folders. This allows you to have them AFTER the 30 day grace period. Just Copy/Paste them back to C: when you need/want to ‘Rollback’ after the 30 day period has lapsed and windows tosses the original folders.
    After the rollback, the two $Windows.~** remain on my C:, but the inetpub is gone.
    When I upgrade again, soon as they get drivers for my printers, I will Copy/Paste the new $Windows.~** and inetpub folders to a safe location for a rainy day…lol.

  5. correction: the 3 folders are $Windows.~BT, $Windows.~WS (Both are hidden, Folder Options > View > Show Hidden) and the Windows.old. inetpub apparently is not a variable.

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