How to extend or increase the Rollback time period to uninstall a Windows 10 upgrade

After you upgrade your Windows PC to the latest Windows Update, you have a timeframe of ten days to roll back to the previous version. This ten day grace period lets you decide if the PC is working as expected, and is compatible with your applications. In case you find that it’s not suited for your case, you have a chance of rolling back. Post this there is no way to roll back as system deletes the previous version files automatically (unless you follow this trick) and the option in recovery is gone as well.

In this guide, we will learn how to extend the period to uninstall a Windows 10 upgrade. You will need administrator privilege to complete this.

Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) Tool

Windows 10 has changed a lot of things including the option to extend the period to uninstall a Windows 10 upgrade. This is made possible through the Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM). This tool mounts a Windows image (.wim) file or virtual hard disk (.vhd or .vhdx) for servicing.

Extend the period to uninstall a Windows 10 upgrade

You can use it to:

  • Find out how many days after an upgrade that an OS can be uninstalled
  • Initiate an uninstall
  • Remove the ability for a user to uninstall a Windows upgrade
  • Set the number of days that a user has to uninstall a Windows upgrade

Extend the period to uninstall a Windows 10 upgrade

You will need to run these on command prompt with admin privileges. Search for command on Start search box, and then right click and run as administrator. To increase or decrease the time of an upgrade that an uninstall can be initiated, type the following command:

DISM /Online /Set-OSUninstallWindow /Value:<days>

DIMS tools for increasing rollback time

You should replace days with a number.

What else DISM Tool?

Check how many days are left for rollback to the previous version. Type the following:

DISM /Online /Get-OSUninstallWindow

If you are sure you want to rollback, you can run the below-mentioned command to instantly revert a PC to a previous Windows installation.

DISM /Online /Initiate-OSUninstall

Run this command against an online image to remove the ability to roll back a PC to a previous installation of Windows.

DISM /Online /Remove-OSUninstall

While the tool is meant for IT admin to use to make sure that they can rollback PCs after long testing of Apps and software on PCs for performance and issues, you can always use it for your PC as well.

However do remember that this takes space, and make sure not to us e Storage Sense to delete the installation files.

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