Ultra Virus Killer is a anti-malware toolkit for Windows

Most of the anti-virus programs available these days are capable of performing the most basic function well i.e., scanning for virus and other malicious programs, but what they aren’t capable of doing is undo the changes or damage done by these malicious programs. Ultra Virus Killer is a complete anti-malware toolkit that can come to your rescue here.

Ultra Virus Killer for Windows

There are scores of programs that capable of performing this function, but they do it individually. Ultra Virus Killer on the other hand consolidates them all into one handy tool. It is a complete anti-malware toolkit that features multitude of services and tools centered around scanning for viruses and monitoring malicious activity on your Windows PC.

Ultra Virus Killer for Windows

When you launch the program, you will be able to see that the program interface is module-based and each module is designed to perform a specific function based on your needs.

The tool includes the following modules:

  • System Booster
  • Smart Installer
  • Quick User manager
  • System Immunization
  • System repair
  • Ultra Adware killer
  • Process manager
  • Memory Manager
  • Autorun Manager
  • Service manager
  • Alternate Streams manager
  • Delete files & folders
  • Scan & Create log
  • Run scripts
  • Geek Tools
  • Misc Tools
  • System Info
  • Registry Seeker.

For instance, the Alternate Streams manager thoroughly searches for suspect NTFS streams. If you find them, there’s an built-in solution to help you delete files or folders.

If you are interested in completely automating the working of the most aspects of UVK, simply make use of the System Repair module.

Its Ultra Adware Killer can list down potential files or registry entries that could be Adware.

Run Scan

UVK mainly allows a user to control Windows Startup programs, Services, Drivers and more, but you have to be careful, you you plan to disable anything. In essence, you should know what you are doing. For instance, if the program resets the Registry permissions or re-registers the DLLs, it might create some other issue. At worse, it may seriously damage your PC as UVK houses several components which may have adverse effects – if wrongly used.

That said, it has some benefits up its sleeves like, acting as a one-stop solution for repairing damage caused by malware, or seeking it out manually and deleting it when primary antivirus solutions fail. Moreover, the application offers access to every tool from a single menu of options.

You can download it from here. UVK is available in both, portable and an installed version, both free. The program also includes a nice Help button which can guide you all the way. Most of the features are free – but it offers a paid version too, with some additional features.

A word of caution here: This isn’t a program to use unless you know what you’re doing, and always have a full system backup on hand.

You might want to take a look at Ultra Adware Killer too.

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