Free Bootable AntiVirus Rescue Media (CD/DVD) for Windows 10


  1. It’s difficult to believe that Kaspersky is not the best of the ones listed here; however, all of them are quite good.

    Good article!

    Gregg DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

  2. What’s a virus, rootkit, worm?

    The choice is simples.
    Use Windows/Mac, and pay the annual tax.

    Don’t use Windows/Mac. $0.00

    “don’t need no steenkin’ antivirus”

  3. Microsoft has their own now too. The biggest problem with all of these is that none of them offer any support for BitLocker (even the MS one). What I do is use a Windows PE boot disk, unlock the drive, and run TrendMicro’s scanner. Thankfully only had to do it once. It’s a PIA.

  4. I just attempted tp install the Kaspersky rescue to a USN drive. It failed with a “missing file” message. The message did not say what file was missing. Not happy. Removing all traces of Kaspersky.

  5. I still have to wipe the butts of Windows users who let their AV subs expire.
    (very common)

  6. “don’t need no steenkin’ antivirus”

    LOL, AppleCare support advises Mac users to use antivirus now! Many leading security companies continue to release AV’s for Mac, but its a pity that some Mac users continue to bury their heads in the sand.

  7. I’ve had a few mishaps with previous smartphones too. Including an Android phone which was a big disappointment. I’ll probably go back to a very sans-web retro phone. sigh.

  8. and i spend plenty of time working with apple users who are to stupid to navigate their own machines…attacks for apple are coming so maybe you can spend some time wiping their assess too.

  9. I used Avira Rescue, now the computer is stripped of everything and is on the Rescue cd. How do I recover Windows xp and all my files so I don’t have to use the rescue cd to boot. I don’t even have an internet connection now.

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