Use McAfee GetSusp if you suspect undetected malware on your Windows PC


  1. ….O…K…!
    now…. how, do, I, get, rid, of, McFee, after that? (?!) (almost lol, but not)

    I get it!!!!!!!!! Just put more cheezzzz on that dam pizzzzaaaa …. As I want cheeezzz……… I’m safe!!!! I have an anti-virus and 5 pallets loads of cundums and NO-ONE to vote for………but a whole fema-train full of viagra/sialis/etc in order to make america GREAT again and boxes full of cigars to make any secretary comes without battery while watching american-gladiators/dictators wide-screen version,…. and giving bureaucrap nsa something to watch….. LOL LOL LOL -(

    While without having taking care of important thing given the gov all rights to spy on us all…. therefore a NEED for us to get McFee for anti-spying (!?!?!?!?!?…..)

  2. Maybe if I had some REAL malware ??? who knows but it also finds a pretty fair amount of false positives too.

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