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Today I happened to come across this nifty little application called Tweak Me. It’s a tweaking and optimization freeware for most of the Windows-based operating system that will help you optimize your computer. They have in their latest updated version, added support for Windows 8 as well. There aren’t a lot of new tweaks available for Windows 8, but they do have some very good collection. So let’s dive into what Tweak Me application has to offer.

The UI of Tweak Me is very neat and beautiful,. But it is not a portable application. You need to install it in order to run it. Once you launch the application, it will first detect if you are running the application as administrator. Then it will prompt you to create a System Restore point. Once it’s created it will take you to the tweaks. One of the great things about this application is that it will detect the operating system and will only offer the tweaks that are compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7 or your version of Windows.


Under the “Tweaks” section, you’ll find a lot of Windows-based tweaks like Action Center Tweaks, Aero Tweaks, AntiSpy Tweaks, Internet Explorer Tweaks, Modern UI Tweaks, Performance Tweaks, Security Tweaks, UAC Tweaks, Windows Tweaks, WMP Tweaks & Windows Update based Tweaks. That’s quite a collection!

Tweaks are shown in different colors varying from Green for  Relatively safe to Red for Advanced users only. But one thing that would be useful is a tooltip for these tweaks,  so that people will know what they are getting into – or maybe a Help file with the application would be nice too.


On the Menu bar there are a few other tweaks like Loading Default Profile, SSD Optimizations, Fixes, etc. There is also a set of options and log of what you have done so far in the application. Among the fixes, I found a couple of useful ones, I’ll display a screenshot for your reference


Apart from the tweaks, you also have a cleaner option to clear the logs of some of the popular application logs, cache files, etc. which is really a useful option. It also offers a Startup Manager – but it is not so useful for Windows 8, since we get the option right from Task Manager. Another useful option is the “Context Menu” option where you can disable the menu items that you no longer use.

In conclusion “Tweak Me” is an excellent application and a must try for Windows enthusiastic or IT Pros who like to tweak the machine or use at client site while tweaking machines.

You can download the application from the developers website. I hope you find this freeware useful.

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