List of Tweaks available in Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4 for Windows 10

Check out the complete list of over 200 tweaks available in Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4 for Windows 10.

System Information

  1. Shows general information about the system
  2. Calculate and view Windows Experience Index
  3. Option to open Advanced Recovery Options
  4. Run System File Checker utility and DISM system repair utility directly
  5. Introduces search functionality to easily locate your desired tweak
  6. Extended Info Bar to show full description of the tweak
  7. View detailed information about Windows Experience Index including all scores
  8. New Favorites feature lets you access many sections of UWT easily.



  1. Remove Taskbar
  2. Remove Taskbar Buttons
  3. Remove Volume Icon From Notification Area
  4. Remove Network Icon From Notification Area
  5. Remove Action Center Icon From Notification Area
  6. Remove Clock From Notification Area
  7. Remove Battery Meter From Notification Area
  8. Remove Notification Area
  9. Customization of Taskbar Buttons Grouping
  10. Customization of Taskbar Thumbnail Size
  11. Customization of Taskbar Thumbnail delay time
  12. Disable Windows Ink Workspace
  13. Enable “Do you want to close all the tabs?” prompt in Edge
  14. Hide Windows Defender Icon From Notifications Area
  15. Show Seconds In Taskbar Clock (Customization->Taskbar)
  16. Disable All Live Tiles (Customization->Universal UI)

File Explorer

  1. Show Windows Version On Desktop
  2. Enable Auto-Colorization
  3. Disable Aero Peek Feature
  4. Don’t Show Low Disk Space Warnings
  5. Disable Info Tips For Shortcuts
  6. Make Taskbar Button Switch To Last Active Window
  7. Restore Last Opened Folders At Startup
  8. Delete Pagefile At Shutdown
  9. Disable AeroShake Feature
  10. Hide Preview Pane
  11. Disable Full Row Select Items
  12. Disable AeroSnap Feature
  13. Show Status Bar In File Explorer
  14. Launch Folders In A Separate Process
  15. Enable Check Boxes To Select Items
  16. Remove “-Shortcut” Suffix For New Shortcuts
  17. Tweak Drive Letters
  18. Remove Shortcut Arrows From Shortcut Icons
  19. Enable Auto-Complete And Auto-Suggest
  20. Disable Taskbar And Start Jumplists
  21. Check By Default “Do this for all current items”
  22. Change Default Behaviour For Drag-Drop In Explorer
  23. Choose which folder opens on starting File Explorer
  24. Remove Duplicate Drive Letter Entry

Universal UI

  1. Disable Lock Screen
  2. Disable Login Screen Blur Effect
  3. Disable Changing Lock Screen Image
  4. Enable User Switching On Login Screen
  5. Enable and customize Slideshow
  6. Enable first sign-in Animation When New User Account Is Created
  7. Turn On SmartScreen filter for Windows Store Apps
  8. Disable “Look for an app in the store” When Unknown Files are opened
  9. Disable “You have new apps that can open this type of file” Notification
  10. Set Notifications Display Time
  11. Disable Toast Notifications
  12. Lock Start Screen Tiles So That They Can’t Be Rearranged

Windows 10

  1. Customize Power Options:
  • Show/Hide Lock
  • Show/Hide Sleep
  • (Show/Hide Hibernate
  • Show/Hide Sign Out
  • Show/Hide All Options
  1. Disable/Enable Start Animations
  2. Replace CMD with Windows Powershell On The WinX Menu
  3. Enable Access To Camera On Lock Screen
  4. Apps Use Light/Dark Theme
  5. System Uses Light/Dark Theme
  6. Show/ Hide “Frequent Folders” In Quick Access
  7. Show/Hide “Recent files” In Quick Access
  8. Enable/Disable New /Old Elements of Windows including battery fly out, date & time pane and Volume Control
  9. Enable Share settings page in Settings.

This PC

Add/remove useful utilities like Power Options, Recycle Bin, Programs and Features, User Accounts etc. in “This PC”.

User Accounts

  1. Display Last Logon Information On Logon Screen
  2. Make User Enter Username While Logging On
  3. Remove Shutdown Tasks From Logon Screen
  4. Disable Updating Group Policy On Startup
  5. Disable Switching To Secure Desktop While Elevating
  6. Enable Virtualize File And Registry Write Failures To Per-User Locations
  7. Enable Admin Approval Mode For Built-In Administrator Account
  8. Enable Detections Of Application Installation And Prompt For Elevation
  9. Enable Verbose Logon Messages
  10. Require Users To Press CTRL+ALT+DEL To Logon
  11. Change UAC Settings
  12. Customization Of Logon Message
  13. Customization Of What Should Be Done On System Failure
  14. Enable/Disable Built-in Administrator AccountRremove Remove 3D Objects folder from This PC.


  1. Waiting time to kill applications timeout during shutdown
  2. Waiting time to end services at shutdown
  3. Waiting time to kill non-responding applications
  4. Auto-End Non Responsive Programs
  5. Restart Shell Automatically After Some Error
  6. Always Unload DLLs To Free Up Memory
  7. Disable Automatic Folder View Discovery
  8. Turn Off Search Indexer
  9. Increase Priority Of IRQ8
  10. Disable Smooth Scrolling
  11. Disable Windows Time Service
  12. Disable Tablet Input Service
  13. Disable Windows Security Center Service
  14. Disable Prefetch Service
  15. Disable Superfetch Service
  16. Disable Printer Spooling Service
  17. Disable Edge/Tab Preloading.

Security & Privacy


  1. Disable Registry Editor
  2. Disable Control Panel
  3. Disable Task Manager
  4. Disable WinKey Shortcuts
  5. Disable CMD
  6. Disable Color And Appearance Settings
  7. Disable The Auto Logon Shift Override Feature
  8. Disable Administrative Shares (e.g. ADMIN$)
  9. Disable UAC
  10. Disable The Ability To Shutdown
  11. Disable The Ability To Log Off
  12. Disable Internet Communication
  13. Disable System Restore Configuration
  14. Disable MMC Snap-ins
  15. Disable Folder Options Menu
  16. Disable Encrypting File System
  17. Disable Explorer’s Context Menu
  18. Disable Access To Taskbar Context Menu
  19. Restrict Access To Taskbar And Start Menu Properties
  20. Disable Changing Wallpaper
  21. Turn Off User Tracking
  22. Disable Display Personalization
  23. Disable Windows Media Center
  24. Disable Windows Update Service
  25. Disable Windows Mobility Center
  26. Disable Windows Store
  27. Disable Windows Defender
  28. Disable OneDrive


  1. Disable Telemetry
  2. Disable Application Telemetry
  3. Disable and Reset Advertising ID
  4. Disable Cortana
  5. Disable Taskbar Web Search
  6. Disable Handwriting Data Sharing
  7. Disable Windows Update Sharing
  8. Disable Windows Feedback Requests
  9. Disable Password Reveal Button
  10. Disable Steps Recorder
  11. Disable Inventory Collector
  12. Disable Biometrics
  13. Disable Wi-Fi Sense
  14. Disable synchronization of settings.

Internet Explorer

  1. Enable Menu Bar
  2. Enable Suggested Sites
  3. Enable Caret Browsing
  4. Use ClearType Font
  5. Disable Compatibility List
  6. Customizing Homepage
  7. Show Tabs Below Address Bar
  8. Notify When Download Completes
  9. Autohide the Tab Bar When In Fullscreen Mode
  10. Always Load IE In FullScreen Mode
  11. Check Executable’s Signature On Download
  12. Allow Running Executable With Invalid Signature
  13. Clear Cache On Every Exit
  14. Warn On Closing Multiple Tabs
  15. Allow Allocating Additional Bandwidth
  16. Enable Do Not Track
  17. Enable Auto Image Resizing
  18. Enable Smooth Scrolling
  19. Disable Active Scripting for Internet Zone
  20. Disable Scripting of Java Applets for Internet Zone
  21. Use Software Rendering Instead Of GPU Rendering
  22. Enable Third-Party Browser Extensions
  23. Show HTTPS Errors
  24. Disable Script Debugging
  25. Enable DOM Storage
  26. Enable SmartScreen Filter

Context Menu

In Universal Apps tab, pin over 15 Modern apps to Desktop Context Menu including Microsoft Edge, OneNote, Store, Music, Mail etc. Plus, customize desktop icons size.

In Desktop Context Menu tab, pin over 20 important Windows utilities to Desktop Context Menu including System Restore, Task Manager, Magnifier etc.

In Desktop Context Menu 2 tab, pin Windows Defender > Open, Quick Scan, Full Scan, Settings, Update and various other tweaks. Pin drives to Desktop Context Menu. Also Pin your favorite Settings sections to desktop context menu. You can also add these context menu items – Add Take ownership, Add Copy To, Add Move to Add Open with.

Apart from new Desktop Context Menu Tweaks -> Character Map, Control Panel and Windows Update, the following have been added in UWT 4.3:

  1. Remove 3D Print With 3D Builder
  2. Remove Scan With Windows Defender
  3. Remove Edit With Paint 3D
  4. Remove Cast To Device.

In v4.4:

  • Include In Library, Restore Previous Versions Context Menu items added
  • Give Access To, Share Context Menu items added
  • Add Phone, Gaming Settings to the context menu


  1. Use Autoplay For All Media And Devices
  2. Use Small Taskbar Icons
  3. Hide Inactive Icons From Notification Area
  4. Turn Off Automatic Applications Termination
  5. Customizing Blinking Cursor Width
  6. Customizing Cursor Blinking Time
  7. Customizing Scroll Bar Width
  8. Enable the Network Adapter Onboard Processor
  9. Restrict Access Over Anonymous Connections
  10. Disable Recent Shares In Network Places
  11. Disable Default Admin And Disk Drive Share Server
  12. Hide Entire Network From Network Neighborhood
  13. Prevent Network Auto-Discovery
  14. Hide Computer From The Browser List
  15. Enable NTLM 2 Support
  16. Set Global Network/Internet Offline
  17. Option To Add UWT 4 To Startup
  18. Option To Integrate UWT 4 With Desktop Context Menu
  19. Edit OEM Information
  20. Enable Windows Photo Viewer
  21. Export and import your Tweaks.

New tweaks in UWT 4.2 and 4.3 to support Windows 10 v1607 and v 1703:

  • Use Increased Taskbar Transparency
  • Change Inactive Title Bar Color
  • Disable Quick Action Buttons In Action Center
  • Change Microsoft Edge Download Location
  • Disable Edge Tab Preview
  • Adjust Edge Tab Preview Show/Hide Delay Time
  • Disable App Access To Location
  • Disable App Access To Calendar
  • Disable App Access To Messages
  • Disable App Access To Microphone
  • Disable App Access To Camera
  • Disable App Access To User Account Info

New tweaks in UWT 4.6

  • Disable Login Screen Blur Effect. Navigate to Customization -> Universal UI
  • Improvements in disabling Windows Updates in newer versions of Windows 10
  • Disable Edge Preloading in the Performance section
  • Disable Edge Tab Preloading in the Performance section
  • Option to pin Cortana, Search and Apps in Settings. Navigate to Context Menu -> Desktop Context Menu 2
  • Customize “New Menu” in Context Menu -> Other Context Menus
  • Now change Registered Owner and Organization information in Additional -> Edit OEM Information
  • Pin “Screen Snip” to Desktop Context Menu
  • Reset Live Tile Cache in Customization -> Universal UI
  • Waiting time to kill applications/services/non-responding applications needs to be a minimum of 1 second in the Performance section
  • Tweak description line now doesn’t cut off the UI when the description is long.  When the description is long, use the Extended Info Bar to read it.

In the About tab, you will see links to Submit Bugs, Check for Updates, visit  the home page and seek Support at our TWC Forums.

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