Submit bugs for Ultimate Windows Tweaker 3/4


  1. Congratulations! This is an awesome software. Thank you so much. Please, add a GPEDIT and SERVICES enable, disable option too. Edy.

  2. Go to any section. For example, Customization. Look in the bottom side of the app. There are “Create Restore Point”, “Close” and “Apply” buttons. You will find “Restore Defaults” button there.

  3. Is there any way to reset it manually via Registry-keys (Regedit)? I Know that it just Chance registry-keys…

  4. Great software, thank you! 🙂 Any possibility to to integrate the functionalities of RBTray (right-click on minimize minimizes to system tray instead of taskbar – sourcecode at, always-on-top (either a key binding or a menu item to keep a window always on top) and adding seconds to the clock displayed in the systems tray? I could drop three other single-purpose tweaking utilities if this was offered by the Ultimate Windows Tweaker as well 🙂

  5. First of all, thank you very much for appreciation. I want to tell you that your suggestions have been noted. And you will see them being implemented soon 🙂 I’m not promising it in near future. But I will try to add all of them in next version for Windows 10 🙂

  6. They will support Window 8 too. We will decide if the next version of UWT will be backward compatible or not. But in case, we will update UWT 3 lineup to include those features 🙂

  7. Feature Request !
    Please add support to add (available) “Local Drives” in “Desktop Context Menu” It would save lot of time to open desired local drives… Thanks

  8. I upgraded to windows 10 and did not uninstall this great tool first. It is still on my context menu and I cant uninstall it. Any help?

  9. If you want to remove it from context menu, run the tool again. Go to “Additional”. There you will see option where you can uncheck the option to pin it to context menu.

  10. After realizing that two client — friends downloaded the wrong file, I corrected them, and now I and they both can give Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4 for Windows 10 high recommendations.

  11. This is not a bug submission but a feature request (as the bug is on Microsoft’s side and in the OS, not in this program)

    When I pin something to the taskbar (eg. notepad) I can then pin files to this program (eg. txt files) so that when I right click a program icon on the taskbar, I see all pinned files + recent files + unpin + reopen program. This behaviour was in win 7 too, however, a crucial difference is, that while there were only 2 pixels or so between any two items in the pinned list of win 7, win 10 seems to have 10-20. This means that only 10 pinned items is enough to fill half my screen, with the most recent items filling the rest of the screen (making it impossible to unpin the program or open a new instance of the program).

    I would request a following feature: make a checkbox for tighter lists, ie. lists where there’s only the two pixels between two items, AND/or make the pinned item list scrollable, so that I can see things at the bottom even when the list is higher than my screen. The current situation is just silly, it makes no sense to have this feature take so much room!

    Not sure if links are allowed, but I’ll try, here’s a picture highlighting my problem:

  12. Hello. Great tweak tool but it’s been causing me a lot of wasted time. I’ve been spending weeks now trying to install windows 10 without any major issues. The problem I’ve been having is some Gameloft games from the MS Store such as Asphalt 8 and Modern Combat 5. They work fine but as soon as I start Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4 for Windows 10 and hit apply and quit and then reboot, these games no longer work. Modern Combat 5 produces a black screen and Asphalt 8 starts with a black box and then crashes. I’m using a Dell XPS8300. It is indeed Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4 for Windows 10 that’s causing this serious problem with mainly Gameloft games. Please investigate and get back to me with a possible solution. Once again, I’ve got to start with a fresh install of Windows 10 and will NOT run Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4 for Windows 10 until this issue is sorted out. Cheers!!

  13. In case you want to figure out the problem for us, create a restore point manually. Open UWT 4.1. Apply tweaks one by one that is what we suggest on UWT4 home page – “We suggest you apply tweaks for only 1 category every day, see how your system performs, before moving on to apply more tweaks. “

    If the game again produces black screen, restore system through restore point.

  14. Well I kinda did that already. I formatted my hard drive, fresh windows install, ran UWT and just clicked Apply without checking anything off. I’m not sure if it’s an option within UWT or the program itself causing the issue. All I have to do to produce the issue is open UWT and press Apply. I then run a couple Gameloft games and they will not work. To go and change every option one by one, it would take a long time. I’ve been reinstalling Windows 10 for a few weeks now and mainly due to UWT. There’s also and issue with UWT where it appears to impact my caching where things seem slower and all my icons, photos and other files are white and Refresh at startup. When UWT is started, some options are checked where most are not. Does it start programmed with these options checked or not, or does it read the current windows state of these options and indicate accordingly? If UWT starts with all the selectable options being the current-default Windows 10 state and I hit apply, technically I shouldn’t be changing anything and UWT is changing anther unlisted option which is beyond my control. I’ll create a Restore Point and change all the options to the opposite state, one section at a time and see if I can narrow it down to at least a section. If this is an issue caused by UWT itself and not a checked/unchecked option, I would not be able to figure it out. If this can’t be resolved, I’ll avoid UWT altogether. I was first doing a lot if Internet searching to try to find a direct solution for the issues I’m having with the games, I had narrowed the cause down to UWT by that time. I had noticed that many other Windows 10 had the same game issues but the did not know the cause and was basically looking for a fix with no luck. I’ve tried other Windows 10 tweak utilities and gad no issues. I’ll create a Restore Point, run UWT, reboot and then change the status of all the options/features on each section and see if I can quickly narrow it down to a particular section that’s causing the problem and then hopefully find the setting that’s causing these issues. If I can’t narrow it down to a responsible section, I’d have to say it’s an issue with UWT itself rather than a setting. I’ll try my best and will not proceed further if I can’t narrow it for to a particular section. Also, when Apply is pressed does it apply the the setting for that particular section or all the sections? I’ll try my best and get back with you with my results. Cheers!!

  15. Great. Just played around with UWT and I think the program is changing something that beyond the users control. I opened UWT and clicked Apply and then ran 2 games and they didn’t work. Modern Combat 5 goes black and Asphalt 8 quits. I then went and changed every option under every section and rebooted after each section. I then at the end clicked on Restore Defaults button and rebooted with no luck. I checked other setting in windows and the only way I could get it to work was to restore a backup point. Some of the features don’t work correctly. For example, the option to change Command Prompt and Command Prompt (Admin) to read Powershell in the Startmenu right click menu. It works but when you u click that option, it doesn’t revert back to the Command Prompt option. Please let me know if you find a solution. I’ve basically given up. I can beta test for you if you wish. Cheers!

  16. Sad to know but telling you exactly, I have exams next month. So I will be unable to research much. Thank you.

  17. Ok. Thank you. Understandable. I’ve removed the utility from my computer until this is fixed. Have a great day and good luck with your exams.

  18. how do i get ‘UWT settings’ out of context menu it seems to be stuck there despite unticking the option in ‘additional’?

  19. It’s a bug in UWT 4.1. To fix it, go to Context Menu->Desktop Context Menu 2 and click Apply. That’s it!

  20. I have a issue guys… I have on my :Right Mouse click on desktop menu: a entry that states UWTSettings.
    But if i click on it it says : File assosiation not set. ERROR.
    How do i fix this??

  21. Trying to use UWT 4 to remove short cut arrows. The arrows are gone and but are replaced by a white rectangle. System is Win10 with all updates.

    Any suggestions?

  22. Trying to remove arrows on shortcuts using Win Tweak 4.2 on a Win 10, v.1607, desktop. Shortcut words removed, but not the arrows.

  23. Nice software! I haven’t found a bug but I have spotted a small typo. The word ‘appearance’ is misspelled in UWT4 > Customization >Taskbar. (That should be -ance, not -ence.)

  24. i have a ‘Sony vaio’ Intel touch screen laptop and i want to disable the touch screen function. to do so i went to device manager and selected the human interface devices but there is no HID-compliant touch screen, what should i do ?

  25. Is it possible to integrate a fix for the ruined “darken” feature of the screen saver? In Win 7 the screen darkened after about a minute and got blank or whatever after the set timer. In Win 10 some moron changed that, so that the screen darkens about 10 seconds before the timer limit. Not very useful or intelligent.

  26. Hi, can you please add option to turn on num lock on on boot? since i moved to win10 it always starting with num lock in “off” state on first start. also i always have to switch keyboard language on every startup since upgrade to 10, it aint keeps my last choice. to do that, i have to switch the entire system language so it can keep it. so if you can add this option also, it’ll be nice.
    thank you for this great job, cheers.

  27. Feature Request:

    Can you please add the option, to add the new Universal App version of Sticky Notes to context menu.

    I use Sticky Notes all the time, and used a Reg. file mod I made to add it to context menu ever since Windows 7 was released, the same Reg. file continued to work for Windows 8 and Windows 10, until the anniversary update when the win32 version of Sticky notes was replaced by the new Universal App version.

    I very much like to go back to having Sticky Notes in my context menu.



  28. Lots of good features here. Any chance of a tweak to adjust the thumbnail spacing and size for windows Explorer (Windows 10)? I only see the option for taskbar thumbnails.

  29. Bug report: With UWT4 running on Windows 10 Enterprise, if I deselect both “Show ‘Frequent Folders'” and “Show ‘Recent Files'” under Customization|”Quick Access”, I cannot manually pin folders to Quick Access from Explorer.

  30. UWT4 has issues removing the shortcut icons on the new Windows 10 Creators Update. When the feature is used, all icons go blank.

  31. Try the following:

    1. Remove Shortcut Arrows and then Restore Shortcut Arrows
    2. Restart your system.
    3. Again remove Shortcut Arrows. This should work.

  32. Hi…UWT4..great app. I have a bug to report. I downloaded and installed Win 10 creative update today. After running the update, my desktop icon arrow short cuts were added back. I used UWT4 to remove the arrows but UWT 4 removed my Icons on desktop but left the text description. Thanks.

  33. Sadly, the feature I need to most, doesn’t work 🙁
    I cannot change the size of the spacing between icons on the taskbar.

  34. Tweaker 4.2.2 : Incompatibility with Windows 10 Creator Update (Shortcut Arrows)
    When you use the “Customization/File Explorer/Remove Shortcut Arrows from Shortcut Icons” tweak. The arrows are removed for a while, but shortly there after the Desktop and Quick Launch shortcut ICONs are removed and only the titles of the Shortcuts are visible. I.e., just above the icon titles an invisible ICON exists that is active but unseen. It is possible that is caused by some of the activities driven by the NEW Windows Defender Center settings? Tweaker 4 needs to updated to correct this.

  35. Few days ago we released an update to fix this issue. Please update to version 4.2.3.

  36. I had problem when I removed the shortcut arrows on my account in windows 10. When I created another account it would not show any icons in that account, even windows folders. Only name was showing..Please fix this. I hate shortcut arrows.

  37. Is there a way to maximize the program window? Some of the comments that pop up for some options are long enough that they aren’t readable in their entirety.

  38. Please add “3D Objects” to the list of ‘Inbuilt Folders’ that can be turned off under ‘This PC’ in W10.

  39. An issue I found with Windows Tweaker;

    Desktop icons, windows explorer icons, system restore point,
    right click properties and SFC are GONE! When right clicking and
    selecting properties for anything in windows explorer the right click
    window just disappears and adding insult to injury I cannot
    access SFC from Run or from properties. At times when fiddling around
    in widows explorer, while dragging the mouse pointer from the open
    window on the right across the left tree up and down slider, odd looking
    icons show up and fade away where the normal icons
    in the tree should be.
    This has happened to 2 of my laptops a 4 year old HP with Win 8
    upgraded to Win 10 and a 1 year old Acer Aspire V 15 with Win 10. I
    reinstalled Win 10 on the HP 3 times and within a week or so after
    restarting windows the above happens. With my Acer the
    above just started today.
    I have scoured the net and seen many ppl with missing icons and
    right click issues but not with all 5 issues in combination like mine.
    Win 10 is up to date on both so what is going on? If have to keep
    reinstalling Win 10 to fix it I may as well ditch Windows
    and go Linux or Mac because repeatedly reinstalling Windows is not an
    SOLUTION; the remove shortcut arrows in file explorer in Windows Tweaker was the culprit. I unchecked the option and lo and behold everything was back to normal.
    It appears that Tweaker has an issue on it’s own or a conflict with another app. I also use Shut up 10 so maybe that is the issue.

  40. Hi,

    Thank you for writing to us. The issue(s) you’re facing is (are) rare. Can you tell which version of UWT are you using? Latest 4.3?

    UWT shouldn’t have a conflict with another app since I have resolved such issue in an older version.

  41. Both laptops are running the latest version. In fact it may be an issue with Win 10 itself since I have tried to remove the short cut arrows via a known shell icon registry fix. The result was no where near as dramatic as the Tweaker result but after a few days of reboots like Tweaker it blacked out half of each of the desktop icons.

  42. Win 10
    Tweaker is not working… Tried as admin. With compatibility with all the other windowses. No succes.

  43. Please check if you have multiple software installed on your PC, like
    say, your antivirus, security, browser extension or VPN software. You
    will have to disable their adblockers or whitelist this site in all of
    them. Once you have done this, press CTRL+F5 to hard refresh the web page.

  44. Well I have only NoScript and TWC was white-listed together with other subsites and the web page refreshed, but I don’t experience the bug today, so all’s clear. Thanks for coming back to me anyway, Anand.

  45. Bug report : Hiding recent folders does not work as expected (or my expectations are too high 😉

    When I uncheck “Show Recent Folders” in Customization|Windows 10|Quick Access, it actually removes every single entry under Quick Access, including the pinned ones, not just the unpinned recent folders, as I expected, so the feature is not very useful or I am missing something.

    My assumption is that, if the user specifically pinned some shortcuts there for some purpose, they don’t want them to disappear, just the unpinned recent folders that take up a lot of desktop real estate. Well, only 4 rows to be fair, but still, I’d rather see “My PC” and “Libraries” without having to scroll down. “Libraries” before “My PC” would even be better! 😉

    For information, I pinned: Recycle Bin, Downloads, OneDrive, Google Drive and a couple of folders.
    My Desktop has just a background picture, no icons, not even the Recycle Bin.

  46. Feature suggestion: Location of the OneDrive shortcut

    OneDrive has its own section of the left bar, so it would be
    handy if UWT could help disabling the standalone entry, which is quite a
    pain, as it requires to set the System.IsPinnedToNameSpaceTree value to
    0 in one or two of these Registry keys:
    – HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTCLSID{018D5C66-4533-4307-9B53-224DE2ED1FE6}
    – HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTWOW6432NodeCLSID{018D5C66-4533-4307-9B53-224DE2ED1FE6}

    Maybe a specific “OneDrive” entry in Customization|File Explorer with 2 checkboxes: Quick Access and Standalone section?

  47. Feature suggestion : Specific Desktop management tab

    It could be useful to add a feature to manage the icons on the Desktop and other Desktop-specific thingies.
    For instance, there’s this app I use that installs a folder in the Desktop, but I have added it to my media library already, so I don’t need to see it on the Desktop, and don’t want to either.

    So basically, I had to open a Command Prompt windows with admin priviledges, and force the system attribute on that folder so it does not appear. Because stupid Windows does not mask the “hidden” folders by default, only the “system” ones. I thought there could be an easier way to make any Desktop icon visible or not with the default File Explorer settings. The system attribute is not editable in the folder properties, and most people don’t know what the Command Prompt or Powershell are, not what attrib.exe is.

  48. It works fine if I uncheck the two boxes for the recent items in File Explorer|Folder Options|General|Privacy. It’s only UWT|Customization|Windows 10|Quick Access|Show “Recent Folders” that does not work for me, it masks all my Quick Access shortcuts, including the pinned ones. Not sure if other users have the same issue. I use French Windows 10 Pro, for what it’s worth (build 16299.rs3_release.170928.1534.)

    But hey, between Windows’ own settings and UWT, we got it covered!

  49. Feature suggestion : Move “Libraries” before “My PC” in File Explorer’s left bar

    I use libraries much more frequently than plainly browsing My PC, especially since you can create your own libraries (for instance, books) and marshall several folders of the same category of files but from different locations under one single library.

    So I find it handy to move “Libraries” above “My PC”, which also makes your own computer (“My PC”) and other computers (“Network”) close together, which is more logical for obsessive users like me. 😉

    Currently, you need to hack the Windows Registry with regedit or load the appropriate .reg file, which is always a risky thing even for experienced users, so UWT tweak would be welcome.

    The key to hack is: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTCLSID{031E4825-7B94-4dc3-B131-E946B44C8DD5}
    You need to change the value from default 54 (hexadecimal) to 38 (hexadecimal), and the two File Explorer sections are miraculously inverted.

    Just close and reopen File Explorer to view the change.

    Another handy tweak: Remove the Homegroup section from File Explorer’s left bar.

    For this one, you need to take ownership of the Registry key:
    Then change its Attributes value to b094010c (hexadecimal).
    This tweak is even harder to do manually, as taking ownership of a Registry key is rather delicate and complex. A UWT tweak would make it a snap.
    I haven’t restarted my computer yet, so I haven’t verified if this Registry hack works.

  50. add option to make taskbar even more small
    , dont use small icons in taskbar
    i want little bit more small
    plz add this option

  51. add option of backup start menu
    yeah i search google and found a method but this dont work anymore so
    if you can, then do it plz

  52. Could you add in vipers services tweak for the services running in windows 7 and 10 tweaker add like stuff noone uses, and it shut downs these services to tweak system for performance, I believe viper’s services tweaking could help a lot and also core unparking tweak

  53. UWT > Customization > This PC > Customize Inbuilt
    Folders = apply to 64bits registry but my 32bits app still show folders I
    tried to remove (fixed manually)

  54. After re-opening the tweaker, do those folder names checked or not? Which version of Windows 10 are you using?

  55. After applying a few tweaks now I cannot see any Quick Access links, can’t even add new links. I’ve tried everything suggested on the internet to get them back to no avail.

    Anyone else encounter this problem? Any solution?

  56. I have an enhancement request:
    a setting for changing the color of windows applications. I heard that this tweak is not available in win 10 (anymore)

  57. Windows 10 Pro; 64-bit; 8 GB RAM running on a Surface 4 Pro laptop. After upgrading to Version 1803, UWT 3, 4.3 & 4.4.1 no longer fill any context menus. Note particularly that clicking the “Apply Tweak” button causes the desktop to flash but never gets a “Success” confirmation. Restarting the system as suggested does not solve the problem. Very sad because I have grown used to the product and many of its terrific features.

  58. Do you mean context menu tweaks aren’t working? Can you be more specific to the actual tweaks which aren’t working?

  59. Hi,

    Does it have ButtonExtended.dll along with it in the same folder? Also try disabling your Antivirus and run the EXE again.

  60. 1. Does it have ButtonExtended.dll along with it in the same folder? YES

    2. Also try disabling your Antivirus and run the EXE again. I tried.
    Unfortunately above none of them were not used. The Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4.4.1 for Windows 10 not working.

  61. To be more clear, most tweaks simply will not be added to the Context menu. E.g., I checked Calculator, Control Panel, Shutdown and a few others but they did not appear on the menu. When I returned to the settings tabs for Context Menus, those boxes were once again unchecked. Mail, Weather and my sim card (Drive E) do appear but the primary drive (Drive C) is shown as Drive D. I hope this gives you enough information.

  62. Just to be sure, when you applied the Context Menu tweaks, did you have the same tab opened “Desktop Context Menu”? UWT only applies the tweaks modified on the currently viewing section.

  63. The error comes on startup? Have you ever used any other version of UWT or are you trying this first time?

  64. The error is the same. The first trying. Does this matter?

    Starting the program is simple. The “Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4.4.1” directory (folder) includes:
    Read Me First.txt
    Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4.4.1.exe
    UWT4 Home Page.URL

  65. Well, I think I need to diagonose the issue remotely. If you’re ready to use TeamViewer, we can disuss the details on my email: sidhuparas1234 at gmail dot com

  66. the windows default colors of black text on white background to text on a color background, where we can choose the color background from a color wheel. and also the same with file explorer. change the background color to any color

  67. There doesn’t seem to be an issue with v4.4.1 so I need to diagnose myself. However, there seems to be an alternative:

    Press Win+R, open regedit.exe. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftware and check if there exists a key with name “Ultimate Windows Tweaker”. If there’s not, create one and retry.

  68. Sorry for late reply. They still appear unchecked as expected. I use Win10, but it’s an old app with tree view running in compatibility 32bit xp.

  69. I didn’t have anything of the sort, but it looks fine now. Either you fixed it or maybe it’s using some cookies or server-side settings that didn’t refresh after white-listing the site and its dependent subsites. Or I was just having a bad day.

    Anyway, thanks again for this awesome non-intrusive tool. I actually never used it and completely forgot about it since that day when I ran it once to configure some basic display settings. I just removed the tool now, I’ll download a fresh copy if I ever need to tweak something again.

  70. Well, you can try on a virutal machine with a clean install and see that it is not working. Can you upload an older version so that I can test if I can make it work, create the necessary files then update to 4.4.1?

  71. @ParasSidhu:disqus @László I found the problem, hitmanpro blocked the app. You must exclude it in exploit mitigation. Have a nice day!

  72. I installed Tweaker to remove the arrow from shortcut icons and there is no line to do that. I am using Windows 10 Ver 1803 in a laptop. I installed Tweaker
    When I opened Tweaker there were a lot of things checked do I have to uncheck all the lines if I just want to remove the shortcut arrows or are those all my settings in Windows now.
    Do you have a solution for that or do you have to fix the program.

  73. I installed Tweaker to remove the arrow from shortcut icons and there is no line to do that. I am using Windows 10 Ver 1803 in a laptop. I installed Tweaker
    When I opened Tweaker there were a lot of things checked do I have to uncheck all the lines if I just want to remove the shortcut arrows or are those all my settings in Windows now.
    Do you have a solution for that or do you have to fix the program.

  74. I installed Tweaker to remove the arrow from shortcut icons and there is no line to do that. I am using Windows 10 Ver 1803 in a laptop. I installed Tweaker
    When I opened Tweaker there were a lot of things checked do I have to uncheck all the lines if I just want to remove the shortcut arrows or are those all my settings in Windows now.
    Do you have a solution for that or do you have to fix the program.

  75. Hi there, what a great program! I have a feature request to be able to allow certain, or all, external, or internal hard drives to either sleep after say a certain time frame, such as 20 minutes, or have the option to then disable the hard drives from sleeping as well. It seems with these new Windows updates, such as the October 2018 update, Microsoft has now disabled the ability to allow the hard drives to sleep after a certain period, which the setting can be found in the advanced sleep settings under ‘sleep’. The purpose for this is is that I want my hard drives to only wake when in use, such as playing media, so that the lifespan of each hard drive is then maximized, by not having the hard drives on all the time, and therefore only being triggered when in need of being accessed, and in turn saving power. I also use Hard Disk Sentinel Pro to be able to view when or if my HDDs are asleep at any given moment. Any help would be appreciated!

  76. On the Customization screen, under the File Explorer tab, there’s a blue button about 2/3 of the way down the left side that says, “Remove Shortcut Arrows from Shortcut Icons.” Click it.

  77. I’m on Windows 10 version 1809, using UWT v and on the Customization screen, Windows 10 tab, there’s an option to “Hide Windows Defender Icon from Notification Area.” It starts as defaulted to checked. After a lot of searching and narrowing down the problem, whether you check or uncheck it, the Windows Defender icon disappears from the Notification Area on reboot and all the in-Windows options to bring it back don’t work.

    It looks like you change the registry entry for “SecurityHealth” in “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun” from “%windir%system32SecurityHealthSystray.exe” to “%ProgramFiles%Windows DefenderMSASCuiL.exe,” which may be the problem.

    I exported the original branch and imported it after UWT4 and the Defender icon came back. Hope this helps if this is a bug. Thanks for your awesome program!

  78. I would like to alter the default app setup to edit text files. No matter what I do, it always reverts back to notepad.

  79. Make your choice of cursor permanent so it doesn’t return to the default one when you change themes or restart Windows 10.5. I use Ultimate Windows Tweak 4,5.

  80. Ultimate Windows Tweaker does not provide a help system. but dragging the mouse over some of the check boxes it shows a “NOT so small” help at the bottom. But lets see…. I’m pointing the mouse over:

    1) In Performance->Disable superfetch Service
    “Superfetch is a feature that attempts to determine which application you will launch and then loads up all the necessary files a….. ” …a… WHAT????

    2) Performance->Increase Priority Of IRQ8
    “IRQ stands for interrupt Request Line over which a device can interrupt the normal flow of data to the processor. IRQ8 is respon,,,,,, ” …. respon…… WHAT??????
    also it is “… priority of IRQ8” not “…priority Of IRQ8”

    3) Performance->Turn Off Search Indexer
    “Search indexer is a windows feature that handles indexing of files for windows Search, which fuels the files search engine. This ….” … This WHAT????????


    I’m sure there are a lot of other examples like those ones.

    Since I cannot resize UWT window I also cannot see the remaining of the explanation/help.
    I can’t believe no one (even the developper) did see this before!!!

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