Trend Micro Ransomware File Decryptor will decrypt files encrypted by Ransomware


  1. I’m confused (being a not so knowledgeable pc user) . If Ransomeware freezes your pc how can a person download & open these tools & run them ? Are these tools downloaded to a thumb drive ,or on the pc itself ?

  2. If the Ransomware has locked your computer, then you may need to use this or a different tool to unlock your computer using a USB Drive. When a Ransomware just locks your data, you will be able to still login in and use this tool.

  3. Good advice; also, Emsisoft has some free decryptor tools for some of same and few other ever-emerging ransomwares; note some newer strains of ransomeware as “DynaCrypt” not only encrypt files, they send copies as spies plus lock one out of their user account; definitely good to not use an administrator account if unsure about protection quality of current A/V. Cheers!

  4. I used the tool and it says sucessful but I cannot open the files becuase now they are damaged

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