Transform your Windows computer into a WiFi hotspot with Bzeek

Bzeek is a global WiFi network as a way for everyone to have Internet connectivity everywhere. It upgrades your laptop to be a software access point for free.

Technically, Bzeek upgrades your laptop to be a software access point for free. It turns your laptop into a WiFi router and lets people surf the Internet safely and wirelessly. When Bzeek is installed, and you are connected to the internet, a wireless network (BzeekSpot) will appear with the name ‘Bzeek Free WiFi’.

I had earlier written about Connectify which also does the same job – however, the difference is that Connectify requires a PC or a Laptop running Windows, whereas Bzeek works for Windows XP & Windows 10 too!


  • Bzeek has a built-in Firewall that protects your computer and network.
  • Bzeek creates a totally separate network for other visitors, which works next to your existing network.
  • Bzeek’s security features ensure people connecting to Bzeek cannot access or even see your computer.
  • This means they cannot see your files, to know who you are, or to have any kind of access to your computer.

Bzeek is actually for users who have a Windows-based operating system, a Wi-Fi adapter and an internet connection they would like to share with their friends/co-workers or anyone else.

This software is no longer being developed, but it is available for download at

Here is a list of some more free WiFi HotSpot software that you may want to take a look at.

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  1. ardan

    when i try to turn on bzeek this message appeared to me

    Personal Hotspot Status

    Your Personal Hotspot is Off

    Your Personal Hotspot is being turned on. It may take your Personal Hotspot up to a few seconds to turn on.

    If you try again and this message persists, click here to report the problem.

    © 2009 Bzeek

    please help

  2. Panda Du

    ??????? Bzeek???????????????????????Off??On?
    Personal Hotspot Status
    Your Personal Hotspot is Off
    Some of the Bzeek settings are not yet in effect. Please restart your computer for the Bzeek settings to take effect. If the problem persists, please contact Bzeek for support.
    Maybe the Bzeek service is not running for some reason on your machine.
    If it is not solved after boot you can run services.msc and make sure the bzeek service is running.
    ?????? ?? ??? ??? services.msc ?? ?? Windows?????
    ?? ???? ??-?? ??? ??????? ? ?? ? ?? Bzeek Service ???????

    ????C:Program FilesBzeek ?????

    ???????? C:Documents and SettingsAll Users????????Bzeek

    27 ?? ?????? (120.85 KB)



  3. Panda Du

    Bzeek????.bat for START
    net start bzeeksvc

    Bzeek????.bat for STOP
    net stop bzeeksvc

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