WiFi HotSpot Creator: Turn Windows PC or Laptop into a WiFi Hotspot


  1. Thanks for the tip. Yes, Connectify is far more powerful and feature-rich than the former option, but it is complex to set up.To keep things simple I’ve recommended this.

  2. i have to say that i installed this and yes it works like it should but really it’s insane how much crap it wants to install
    use adwcleaner after install even if u checked all decline

  3. The best app for Internet Connection Sharing for turning any PC into a wireless router is “Maryfi”. Everything else is a compromise!

  4. You are basically promoting crapware with this article. The amount of junk this piece of SW wants to install (which did NOT work BTW) is ridiculous. You’ve lost my trust in your articles…

  5. i can use my broad band connection for virtual router. is there any software for this? because all the software i installed are local area connection sported 🙁

  6. Hey guys, there is a problem in my hotspot creator… i downloaded the first version of this wifi creator. so far its working properly in the past 6 months after downloading then my cousin downloaded mHotspot to my laptop, then my wifi hotspot creator has gone nuts.. you can only select the network card by running the program as administrator then a dialog box appeared and saying “there was a problem starting the connection”. i was really bugged by this issue, Pls help me.. i tried all of the things google has provided as answers to my problem but it was no luck, If anyone has the same problem and has answers on how to solve this problem, pls kindly help me… this is my Y.Mail : johnmarte30@yahoo.com Thanks..

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