Tips on how to become a Microsoft MVP or MCC


  1. how much time a day do you devote to answering questions and etc on their community sites?

    Should I even attempt it?

    Should I try to devote time to a broad range of topics or a niche topic?

  2. Earlier I used to spend a lot of time, but now it is around 3-4 hours a day, spread in intervals of around half-hour each, over the day, as and when I find the time. But its not work for me, but in fact, a mode of relaxation.

    If you want to try for the MCC Award, you will have to participate in the Microsoft Communities. My main mode of contribution, is this site and this sites forum.

    Sure you can give it all you got and make an attempt. It is useful to focus on a niche, rather than answering questions broadly on a range of MS technologies. It could be anything – any one of the 90 Microsoft technologies, apart from Windows Consumer, Windows IT Pro, Office Systems, .NET, Internet Explorer, etc.

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