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TWC Author Kapil Arya gets the MVP Award

The Windows Club has, since the beginning, been nominating Windows enthusiasts for the Microsoft MVP Award. We are now happy to inform you that our author Kapil Arya, has received the Microsoft MVP Award (Windows Consumer) for the year 2014-15. Kapil […]

Tips on how to become a Microsoft MVP or MCC

Want to become a Microsoft MVP? The Microsoft MVP Award Program recognizes outstanding members of technical communities based on contributions – related to Microsoft software, services, and products – made during the previous 12 months to offline and online technical […]

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APAC, China MVP Open Day 2010 at Microsoft India Development Center

Microsoft India Development Center (MSIDC) is one of Microsoft’s  largest development centers outside the headquarters in Redmond. Set up in 1998 by Srini Koppolu, Corporate Vice-President & Managing Director, along with a group of 20 people, MSIDC has grown over […]