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Scan for lost disk space in Windows with MeinPlatz

Are you running short of storage space? This is the question which you always have in your mind while saving data or while transferring data on your Windows PC. Today,  storage space is one of the major issues that haunt […]

free up increase hard disk space

Free up & increase hard disk space on Windows computer

These are the days of large hard disks, and seldom do we come across a case that someone is running out of disk space. Nevertheless, if you think you are running out of disk space on your Windows computer, you […]

MaxiDisk Review & Download

Till recently MaxiDisk was a part of UniBlue PowerSuite, which helps maintain and improve the performance of your Windows computer. However, lately, the company has now started selling MaxiDisk as a separate product. MaxiDisk Review As is with most Uniblue products […]

AppCleaner, a power-packed junk cleaner for Windows

AppCleaner is yet another freeware that will help you keep your Windows installation clean and junk-free. This free junk cleaner helps identify and delete obsolete data and junk-files, for a clutter-free disk and better privacy. It also includes a registry […]

Automate Enhanced Disk Cleanup Tool operation in Windows 10/8/7

You may be aware that the command line version of the Disk Cleanup Utility in Windows offers many more clean-up options. Just earlier today, we saw how we can force Disk Cleanup Utility to delete ALL temporary files, including those temporary files […]

Storage Options & Disk Space in Surface RT explained

Microsoft and the whole ecosystem is gung-ho about the release of Surface, a tablet from its own stable. Microsoft Surface received appreciable pats on the back, both by critics and users alike and comes in 32GB/64GB models. But there was […]

How to create Storage Spaces in Windows 10/8

Windows Home Server Drive Extender technology has now been discontinued, but its concept has been preserved and improved upon in the new Windows feature called Storage Spaces. With Storage Spaces, physical disks can be grouped together into Pools, and these […]

Compress Files, Folder, Drive in Windows to save Disk Space

To save disk space, the Windows operating system allows you to compress files and folders. When you compress a file, using the Windows File Compression function, the data is compressed using an algorithm, and re-written so as to occupy lesser […]

Saleen File Pro : Free Disk Analyzer Software for Windows 7

We all know even high performance, and super fast bikes come tuned for roads and not race-tracks. Its engine, NOS systems, brakes, suspension and other parts needed to be checked thoroughly and tweaked before exploiting it to its full potential. […]

Disable Low Disk Space Message in Windows 10/8/7

At times you may get a Low Disk Space message or notification or warning popup from the right side of your Windows taskbar – You are running very low on disk space on disk. To free space on this drive by […]

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Reclaim Disk Space after Windows 7 SP1 install

When you install Windows 7 SP1 or Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, it backs up all the files that it replaces. This is done so, if, should you choose to uninstall Service Pack 1 at any point of time, these […]