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Send To Toys: Enhance the Send To system context menu

Send To Toys for Windows helps you enhance the Send To system context menu. The Send To Menu in Windows 8, Windows 7 or earlier, lets you send files easily to various destinations. We have already see how to add […]

How to expand Context Menu in Windows 10/8/7

The right-click menu context menu in Explorer under Windows 10/8/7 is quite useful and improved. Right-click a file or folder, and a menu appears, letting you take a variety of actions, such as opening the file, printing it, deleting it, […]

Remove shaded SkyDrive Pro context menu item

If you have installed Office 2013 on Windows 8, you may have seen  a grayed out SkyDrive Pro context menu item, when you right-click on any file or folder. If you do not use SharePoint, then this context menu item is […]


Fix: Send To Menu not working in Windows

The Send To menu is quite useful as it lets you send files to some commonly used destinations. We have also seen how we can customize the Send To menu in Windows 8. Some users may find that their Send To […]

Customize and Add items to Send To Menu in Windows 10/8/7

The Send To Menu in Windows lets you send files easily to various destinations. If you like to send your files to a particular destination folder regularly, or if you find that your Windows has added too many places to ‘Send […]

Disable Context Menu For Taskbar In Windows 10/8/7

The Registry Editor is one of the best tweaking utility available inside Windows. Using registry manipulations, you’re able to set a setting according to what suits best from it for you. We’ve covered a series of registry articles on The Windows […]

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Create Right Click Context Menu Item for Software in Windows

Windows users will agree with me about the fact that Windows right-click menu, better known as Context menu is a handy tool. It allows users to add their favorite program shortcut in different versions of Windows OS. This helps you […]

How To Add Search To Context Menu In Windows 7/8/10

We all know that Search is a must-have feature for any operating system. Since Windows 8 doesn’t have Start Menu, the search has been shifted to Charms Bar or by you can bring it up by pressing Windows Key + Q. […]

Add Scan With Windows Defender To Context Menu In Windows 8

One thing missing in Windows Defender in Windows 8, is a right-click context menu that will allow a user to scan any folder. Recently we told you how you could add features of Windows Defender to the Desktop right-click context menu, that […]

Add Windows Defender features to Context Menu in Windows 8

We all know that Windows 8 has an inbuilt antivirus named as Windows Defender. Howeverin Windows 8 there is no direct link to open Windows Defender, like we open say, Explorer. So if you want to do a quick scan, you have to […]