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Context Menu freezes or is slow to open

Context Menu freezes or is slow to open in Windows 10/8/7

You’re using your Windows 10 computer, and something strange happens. For some reason, when you right-click, the context menu freezes or open slowly. This shouldn’t be happening because while the right-click isn’t used as much as the left-click, – but […]

Open With Context Menu item missing in Windows 10

Generally, a computer file can have multiple associated programs. A file type can be associated with default programs as well as different associated programs. Out of many associated programs, we may have to choose one program to view the file […]

Give Access to

Remove ‘Give access to’ Context Menu item in Windows 10

In one of our previous tutorials, we explained the method to remove the Share item from right-click context menu in Windows 10. Similarly, you can remove the ‘Give access to’ entry from the right-click context menu in Windows 10 v1709. […]

Add useful commands to Windows File Explorer with ExtraBits

The context menu is a great time-saving feature. Most modern operating systems such as Windows use context menus as a way of conveniently offering various options to a user without requiring them to put up extra icons on their Desktop […]

How to remove CRC-SHA entry from Context Menu in Windows 10

If you have installed the latest version of the 7-Zip program on your Windows 10 machine, you might have noticed the entry CRC-SHA has bee added automatically to the context-menu, alongside 7-Zip options. If you point the side arrow, it […]

Remove Move to Dropbox from Context Menu

Remove Move to Dropbox entry from Context Menu in Windows

Dropbox is a popular service when it comes to personal cloud storage. Many Windows PC and smartphone users choose Dropbox as the primary location to save their data. When a user installs the Dropbox app on his PC, a new […]