The system image restore failed: 0x80070057 or because of BIOS/EFI


  1. I had a similar issue while updating my laptop to 1803 on Win 10. Thanks to your post I remembered about the setting in the BIOS and effectively it was that Windows was trying to access and old “windows logon entry”. After selecting the correct one, windows started normally and continued with the update.

    In my particular case, I upgraded my laptop some time ago replacing the CD with and SSD unit, and then I moved the “logon partition” from the existing HDD to the new SSD. In some way, that entry remains (I thought i removed it), so after the updates was starting windows decided to change that setting in the BIOS. The PC has already rebooted a second time while writing this, and the update is doing its business without problem. Thanks anyway!

  2. I had the same issue on recovery of my windows backup after an unexpected SSD sytem disk failure. I had put the recovery CD and had selected the recovery option through troubleshooting. There was the latest backup file in the list. I had choosen that and after a cuple of minutes I had this message. I have tried lots of things even those in this aarticle and it did not work I received the same message. After about 20 trials before I decided to buy another copy of windows 10 I tried the advanced button under the backup list where there was only one the most recent title. I have found out all the phases of incremental bacups and the most old original backup file and selected that named as on C: the others have some numbers in the title. Voila it worked like a charm. Maybe it could help you. The original backup was 4 months old but it is much better than buying a new copy of windows because I had lost my DVD and serials.

  3. Fair warning to anyone who reads this article, DO NOT follow the cmd instructions if you are trying to save any of the data on your disk. The commands (diskpart, clean) will wipe the drive you have selected. The author conveniently failed to mention that, so I suspect he may be deliberately trying to ruin your day. So heads up on that, I wouldn’t follow any advice from this clown.

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