How to stop Outlook from automatically adding Calendar events from emails

Outlook has an inbuilt scanning feature which allows it to find out if you have an invite to email, a flight ticket, hotel reservations, package delivery, and so on. While your data is not shared with anyone, this feature allows Outlook Calendar to automatically create calendar entries to advice you later. Calendars are set to remind you of events a day ahead, and even Cortana can send you reminders about it.

While it works great if you are a calendar person, managing your daily routine through it. But if you are not, there are too many entries in your Calendar and clutters everything. Say, for example, I use calendar only to mark important things manually, which helps me to concentrate.

Stop Outlook from automatically adding Calendar events from emails

Stop Outlook from automatically adding Calendar events from emails

Outlook Web has this feature enabled for all its account as part of its feature list. To disable this feature, you will have to change few settings on Outlook Web. These settings are not available in the Calendar or the Outlook App for Windows 10.

Here is a step by step guide to update or disable automatic events in your calendar from Emails in Outlook.

  • Go to, and sign-in with your Microsoft Account.
  • Look for a gear icon which will open settings menu as you click on it. This is located on top-right.
  • Then click on Options.
  • This will take you a full fledge settings page where you can configure everything that is related to your Outlook Email.
  • Select Calendar, and expand it.
  • Next click on Automatic Processing > Events for Email.
  • You have two options here
    • Completely disable the add events my calendar from email
    • or you can choose what you want to see. If you like some of the features, you can check them.

You can also choose to keep events private if your calendar is public.  Then there is another section for Invitations. Here you can choose to delete invitations, and responses that have been updated, and delete notifications about forwarded events.

If you have multiple Outlook accounts, you will have to repeat it for every other account. Also, it may take a while for it syncs back to your Outlook App in Windows. Previously added events will not be deleted, and you will have to manually remove it.

This also impacts Cortana cards. It uses this feature to notify you about upcoming events, and with this gone, you will never see it here as well.

Prevent Microsoft Outlook from adding events to Calendar

Prevent Microsoft Outlook from adding events to Calendar

Open Microsoft Outlook. Next, click on File > Options > Mail and here uncheck Automatically process meeting requests and responses to meeting requests and polls.

Hope this helps. Thanks Alana.

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