Microsoft Calendar tips and tricks to manage schedules

Although there are so many free calendar apps for Windows PC as well as Windows Phone, most of the people use the Microsoft Calendar because this is free, easy to use and it comes with very useful features. Whenever you need to schedule your meeting or set a task reminder, you can open the built-in Calendar app and start using it accordingly. Today we will take a look at the web version of the Calendar app which is a part of Office Online.

Microsoft Calendar tips & tricks for the web version

These following tips and tricks are based on the web version of Microsoft Calendar and some of them may not work on the Windows 10 Calendar app or the Windows Phone version.

1] Set multiple locations for weather forecast

Microsoft Calendar tips and tricks

If you are going somewhere and want to know the weather forecast, Calendar can help you find the weather report. The best part is that you can set multiple locations to check the forecast.

To edit the current location or set multiple locations, do the following. Click on the weather logo (cloud, sun or something similar) > Edit Locations > Click on “Add another location” > Enter location > Search for the location and choose one from the search result.

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2] Prevent Calendar from adding events from mail

Microsoft Calendar tips and tricks

Like Gmail and Google Calendar, Microsoft Calendar also adds events from Outlook emails. For example, if you have booked a hotel and the confirmation email is in your Inbox, you can find an event in the Calendar. This feature helps in reminding users.

However, if you do not like this function of Microsoft Calendar, you can prevent Calendar from doing so. Click on Settings gear button > select Options > Events from email > select Don’t add events to my calendar from email and save your change.

3] Change Calendar theme

Microsoft Calendar tips and tricks

The default theme of Microsoft Calendar is neat and clean and white in color, which makes everything easy to find. However, if you do not like the default white theme of Calendar and want to change it, click on the Setting gear button > Select Change theme > Select a theme and hit the OK button. It will take effect immediately.

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4] Print Calendar

Microsoft Calendar tips and tricks

If you want to make a hard copy of your schedules and tasks with the Microsoft Calendar, you can print it without using any third party software. Calendar allows users to print the agenda for a particular day, week or month. It is also possible to print a specific calendar if you have added more than one. To do so, click on the

It is also possible to print a specific calendar if you have added more than one. To do so, click on the Print button visible on the top menu bar > Select calendar that you want to print > Select Day/week/month, time, etc. You can also print the detailed agenda along with the calendar – just select the checkbox labelled Prilabeledled agenda and calendar. and hit the Print button.

5] Add third party calendar from internet

Microsoft Calendar tips and tricks

Suppose you want to add all the holidays of a particular country. It is possible to add a third-party calendar to the Microsoft Calendar and check all the important dates right from that screen. To do so, click on

To do so, click on Add Calendar > From Internet > Enter the URL of the calendar that has .ics extension > Enter a name for the calendar and click the Save button.

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Hope this short tutorial is enough to get you started.

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