Speckie: Spell checker for Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer may boast of a lot of features, but one thing many want to see in it, is an in-built spell-checker. Well, it does not have one, but the next best thing you can go for is getting an add-on like Speckie for it!

Spell checker for Internet Explorer

Spekie is a free add-on for Internet Explorer that adds a dedicated real-time spell checking feature to IE9. It is especially very useful if you visit forums, type online web forms, fill comments, etc frequently.

Features include:

  • You can add and manage words in per-language user dictionaries.
  • Real-time spell checking as you type.
  • Spell check with one or more language dictionaries simultaneously.
  • Full compatibility with the 64 bit version of Internet Explorer.
  • It includes specialized dictionaries for the Medical, Legal and Financial sectors too.
  • One can also optionally spell check single and/or multiple line edit fields.
  • It has the ability to configure highlighting of mis-spellings, a feature, the visually impaired would especially find useful.
  • It works with Microsoft Outlook Web App 2010 and Outlook Web Access 2007.
  • It also works with CRM systems like Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 online.

Speckie free download

Speckie works on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. You can download it from here. Works just fine even on the latest version on Internet Explorer.

You can also check out another spell-checking add-on for Internet Explorer – IESpell. Go here to check out some more Grammar and Spell Checker freeware

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  1. Anonymous

    Jut my 1 cents. I have used both IE Spell and Spekie and quite honestly I think the BEST spell checker there is for IE, at least IE9 for me, is the one built into the Google toolbar.

    I know many will not install a toolbar because of the “resources” it uses or “it slows down my browser” but I found I had to remove Speckie because it was causing slowdowns and all kinds of resource issues compared to the Google toolbar.

    Also I am amazed at how accurate the Google toolbar spell checker is. It finds words I never thought it could. Plus you have the convenience of the best search engine right at the top of your browser. It has many other uses too.



  2. Spekie looks interesting; and I’m quite familiar with (and am no longer sure I can recommend, anymore, IE Spell). My personal favorite, for whatever it’s worth, is the freeware version of…


    …which sits in the System Tray (or, as Microsoft now wants us to call it, “The Notification Area”) and monitors not only what one types in IE, but also in virtually everything else; and pops-up a little thingy right near (on the screen) where one is typing whenever anything is misspelled; and then one simply presses a key to pop-up a menu of properly-spelled possibilities, any of which may easily be selected and, if so, the correctly-spelled word is substituted in the text for the incorrectly-spelled one. New words may also easily be added to the dictionary…

    …all for free. In my opinion, tinySpell is best-of-breed among generalized spell-checkers. Though the commercial/fee-based version is admittedly more potent, the freeware version is more than enough for most users, and contains no reminders or nags or anything like that. It just sits there, quietly, and does its job; no spash screens on start-up, no balloons, no pop-ups (other than when you want the one which first notifies you of a misspelling, and then the other one which lists the properly-spelled possibilities from which to choose)… nothin’.

    Just my $.02 worth… which my ex-wife, it’s worthy of note, will attest is just about ALL it’s worth! [grin]

    Gregg DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

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