Microsoft Office error: Something went wrong. Error code 30094-4

We have already said many times in recent posts that Microsoft Office is the best of Office suite you can get. Well, sometimes using this productivity package, you may ran into technical troubles. We can understand that not everyone is of technical mind, thus we continue to share more common issues via our troubleshooting posts, so that beginners make an easy fix for the issue they have just came across. Well, this post will help you resolve the following error, while using Microsoft Office:

Something went wrong. Sorry, we ran into a problem. Go online for additional help. Error code 30094-4

Something went wrong. Error code 30094-4

When we heard of this issue for the first time, we felt restarting Windows may help – but even after restarting the machine, the were no differences in the situation. Before you decide to reinstall Office, we suggest you try to repair Office installation by following these steps:

Something went wrong. Error code 30094-4

1. Press Windows Key + E while you’re at Desktop. This will take you to This PC window, click Uninstall or change a program.


2. From the list of installed programs, look for Microsoft Office 2013 entry like we have shown below and highlight it. Click on Change.


3. In the next window so appears, pick Repair and click Continue.


4. Resulting fromprevious step, you’ll now see that the Office 2013 is being repaired on your system. Please be patience and wait for the process to complete; it just take few minutes.


5. When the system is done with repairing, you’ll be prompted to reboot. So do the needful.


After reboot, you’ll no longer see the error.

If the issue still persists, try the re-installation of Office 2013/16 or 365 by ensuring following requirements:

  • Make sure you’re connected to a working internet connection, it shouldn’t be limited.
  • If you’re using 64-bit edition, then try to install 32-bit edition (recommended).
  • Execute %windir%\temp command in the administrative Command Prompt and delete all the files in the Temp folder so open by executing the command.
  • Temporarily disable your antivirus and/or firewall.

We’re pretty sure after re-installation, the issue should be gone.

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An Electrical Engineer by profession, Kapil is a Microsoft MVP and a Microsoft Content Creator. Please read the entire post & the comments first & create a system restore point before making any changes to your system.


  1. Steve Clews

    This is a strange error as other office apps continue to work fine, I found Excel is prone to this but a simple reboot has always resolved this. I had the error quiet a lot but did have Office 2010 pro installed, once I uninstalled 2010 I never had the error again

  2. ^^ Yeah, sometimes a reboot is enough to solve it, but sometimes you have to go for some additional steps mentioned here 🙂

  3. Steve Clews

    Totally agree. I have found that some users who have previous versions of office installed also get similar errors and it seems that the older Outlook connector was
    causing the problems. Once the repair was run on the older version the new office 2013/365 ran great. I suppose the moral of the story is here just have the one version running to rule out the possibility of conflict

  4. Grumpigeek

    Office 2013 is NOT the best Office suite you can get.

    The text rendering in Office 2013 is dreadful compared to Office 2010. It is so bad I cannot use it (& yes I have tried all the fixes on this and other forums).

    Until Microsoft see fit to provide their customers with clear font rendering in Office 2013, Office 2010 will remain far and away the better software suite.

  5. ^^ You may like to try out Office 2013 on different devices, might be this change your mind and you’ll start admiring it 🙂 By the way I use it on my iPad and it’s far awesome there too!

  6. rony009

    Hey I had the same issue with my computer. I wasted my time on it for

    many days but finally I got a solution from this link

  7. Brad

    I have found the Microsoft Office Click to Run service to be the cause of this issue. It gets hung at “Starting”. When i opened Task Manager, I found the OfficeClickToStart process running twice. I ended both the processes and then started the service from the Services MMC and haven’t had the issues since.

  8. Laura Jason

    Hey I had the same issue.I contacted the Support Team. They told me to remove the previous version of office and re-install new version. It worked.
    Here is the link

  9. Nolan patel

    Hi i have faced the same error code working with office 365
    after lots of try lastly got the solution from this link

  10. Giny

    I follow the instructions to reinstall. But it does not help.

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