ScreenTemperature freeware utility manage the screen color temperature

Staring into a screen brighter than the brightness to which our eyes are adapted can put unwanted strain on our eyes. Adaptive Brightness feature found in Windows 10 keeps this strain to a minimum. Also, there are a good number of free software like SunsetScreen, f.lux and more, that can help manage the screen color temperature. We have made one more addition to this list, today – ScreenTemperature.

Reduce screen color temperature on PC

This app comes in a small 1.6 MB package, which you can install easily as a portable application. No additional drivers/software are required.

Once installed, the app minimizes to System Tray and resides there silently, until invoked. It becomes visible as an ‘Eye’ icon.

When accessed, the main window of the app allows you to configure various options. By default, it offers users to use either:

  • Tanner Helland’s algorithm
  • Custom Color.

Reduce screen color temperature on PC

The latter option lets you select a color of your choice from either the ‘Standard’ or ‘Advanced’ tab.

When selected, it can be saved under a ‘Configuration’. As you can see in the screenshot below, I tried a combination of color and saved it under ‘Configuration’ as my name. You can create any number of configurations this way.

A slider is available under ‘Advanced’ tab of ‘Custom Color’ to set the correct temperature you want for your PC screen.

Functions like ‘Refresh’ and ‘Assign key’ make this app a great all-around system utility.

Features of ScreenTemperature utility in a nutshell:

  • Instant color modification
  • Ability to create and save multiple configurations
  • Unlike f.lux supports multiple profiles and key bindings
  • Easy to understand and use interface
  • Multi-screen support
  • Scope to change each screen individually
  • Custom color gradient setting

Lastly, if you would like to configure the app to run during the startup, simply check the ‘Start application on system startup’ box. The option is visible at the bottom of the ‘ScreenTemperature’ main window.

Download ScreenTemperature

Download ScreenTemperature freeware from Github repository page.

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