Best Brightness Control Software for Windows 10

Eye strain is a common problem for those who are constantly hooked to desktop screens, smartphones, and other digital devices. A poorly adjusted screen brightness in a desktop can cause eyes strain and mental fatigue.

Researchers have proven that looking at the screens for a prolonged duration can have an adverse effect on one’s health. This worsens if you are staring into the bright screens at night or in the low light setup. The electronic screens use blue light that aids to view digital screens under bright sunny lights but It is a proven fact that spending lot of time looking at screens in a low light set up exposes one to blue light which can confuse your brain cells, cause mental fatigue and deprives your sleep cycles.

That being said, a well-configured desktop with proper screen brightness can help you create a conducive atmosphere for using desktop monitors for prolonged periods.  While You have an option to customize the computer’s brightness via a slider in the Windows power plan settings, many computers don’t provide external brightness control.

Some computers do not have a shortcut keys like a dedicated Fn key whose combination allows to easily adjust the screen brightness. Thankfully there are many brightness control software that allows users to control easily and adjusts the screen brightness as well as contrast according to the lighting conditions to create an ambient setting for using a computer for a long period. In this article, we round up some of the best brightness control software for Windows10.

Brightness control software for Windows

1] RedShiftGUI

Brightness control software for Windows

RedShiftGUI is a free program that lets you easily control brightness and color temperature. In addition to manual settings, it automatically adjusts the brightness and color temperature based on the lighting conditions. The program is way more efficient when it comes to screen brightness management, and it works both in Windows a well as Linux. Download this software here.

2] Desktop Lighter

Desktop Lighter is a  very simple application that allows you to quickly adjust the brightness of your screen. Upon installation, the application is added to your system tray. You can adjust the brightness settings from moving the slider or by using keyboard shortcut keys like Ctrl +> and Ctrl +<. You can quickly increase the screen brightness using the key combination Ctrl+> and decrease the screen brightness using Ctrl+<. The program is lightweight and doesn’t drain your system’s memory. Download this program here.

3] CareUEyes

CareUEyes is a simple, lightweight software that lets you easily control the brightness of the computer screen. It has some great features that protect your eyes while you are on a computer for a long period. The software automatically filters the blue light to create a relaxed setting for using computers for a long period in a low light setup. It allows you to adjust the color temperature and brightness according to the lighting conditions.

The software screen dimmer feature automatically controls the brightness of the computer screen to best suit your environment. It also notifies you to take regular breaks when you are hooked to the screen for too long. The software is designed by considering the need to protect your eyes while using a computer and create warmer screens that will eventually increase your productivity.

4] iBrightness Tray

iBrightness is a brightness control utility that allows you to quickly adjust the brightness. On downloading, the application gets added to your task menu wherein you can adjust the slider to control the brightness. The software is lightweight and doesn’t consume much of your resources. Additionally, the program lets you turn off the screen completely and also change the default screensaver with a single click. Download this software here.

5] Gamma Panel

Gamma Panel is a simple application that lets you customize the screen brightness, contrast and gamma settings in a single click. It is ideal if you are looking out for some real time advanced settings in screen brightness and display. It also allows you to adjust RGB  combination. One feature that distinguishes this software from others is that it lets you create your color profiles with appropriate Gamma, brightness and contrast setting and allows you to assign a combination of Hot-keys or shortcut keys to activate them. To apply the color profile, you can simply press the assigned hot-key combination. The application is free to download. Get this software here.

6] PangoBright

PangoBright is a free brightness control utility for Windows that requires no installation. It gets added to the system tray at the bottom of your Windows screen once the download is complete. It lets you quickly adjust the brightness according to your lighting conditions. This software is recommended if you mostly work in the dark setup  If you are using multiple desktops, the utility allows you to set brightness for each monitor. Download the software here.

Eyes RelaxDimScreen, f.lux, ClearMonitorDDC and Pause4Relax are similar tools you may want to take a look at. 

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