BrightnessTray: Change Brightness or Turn off display with a click

Windows PCs can let you automatically adjust screen brightness based on the current lighting conditions. But if you need more control, a simple utility named BrightnessTray makes this task easier for you. The free and portable app lets you change your laptops brightness as well as turn off the display in an instant.

BrightnessTray for Windows 10

BrightnessTray is a free brightness control software for Windows 10 that shows current brightness level and allows to adjust it as per your convenience. The app is small and less intensive on memory. Also, it is quite simple to use. All you need to do is click the tray icon and move the sliding bar to the desired brightness.

The program arrives as a barely 100 KB stand-alone executable. When downloaded and installed it sits silently in the background. Its icon becomes visible in the System Tray.


Change Brightness or Turn off display with a click

The icon when clicked displays the numeric value of your current brightness setting. Click again, and you are ready to adjust the brightness by dragging the slider up and down. There’s no extreme limit as the lowest brightness level doesn’t completely darken the background.

Similarly, the highest value wasn’t at whiteout levels. The levels are preset to a point, enough for the operating needs of a user.

The Settings of the utility has ‘Caffeine’ feature which can be accessed readily by right-clicking the icon. The feature is designed to prevent the display from being turned off when your system is idle.

BrightnessTray: Change Brightness or Turn off display with a click

Apart from the above, there’s another feature called ‘Power off display‘ and an ‘Enter sleep mode‘. As the name suggests the Sleep Mode forces your system to go into the Sleep mode when selected.

Thus, with this small utility at hand, you can fast change the brightness anytime, and adjust it to the most comfortable level. It is both, Mouse and Touch-friendly.

You can download BrightnessTray from the GitHub page.

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