CareUEyes is a free Eye Care Software for Windows that comes with a Blue Light Filter

CareUEyes is a free eye care software for Windows 10/8/7. Eyes fatigue and discomfort in eyes are some of the most common problems with people nowadays, and the reason is increased usage of computer systems and other gadgets. While the computer systems today are low at radiations and aren’t really that harmful, but the problem actually is the proximity to the screen and gazing at them for long hours without blinking the eyes. The most common problems reported by the digital device users include dry eyes, eye fatigue, headache strenuous eyes or watery eyes, etc. Being aware of the health problems a computer user can face is very important at first place. Do check this Awareness Tool also which helps the computer users reduce health problems.

While all of us know that sitting in front of the computer system for long hours will affect our eyes and we also know that taking frequent breaks is very important to maintain the eye-health, we get careless about it often. Thankfully, there are some programs like CareUEyes.

CareUEyes Eye Care Software

CareUEyes is a program specially designed for the avid computer users. As the name signifies, it is an eye care software which features a break reminder, screen dimmer, and a blue light filter.

Do you know what actually hurts our eyes while using a computer system? As mentioned above, the first thing is the proximity to the screen, the second thing is the long hours gazing at the screen, and the third one is the blue light of your computer screen. CareUEyes is a solution to all three of these problems.

Rest Timer

This is your break reminder. You can set your rest timer here in this program, and it will give you a desktop notification. CareUEyes is a simple program with a very clean interface. The left panel shows the only available four options. Click on the Rest Time and set your rest timer on your own preferences. Turn the green button on once you set the time. A time of 45 minutes is ideally good but if you are facing more eye fatigue and strain, keep it 30 minutes. CareUEyes Eye Care Software

Once you set the timer, you will see a stopwatch running on your screen, no matter which window is open. You can adjust the timer here also, like if you want to delay the timer for 3 or 5 minutes or take an instant break, etc. Right-click on the stopwatch and adjust the preferences.

Click on Continue Work once you find your eyes relaxed and feel like starting the work again.


We tend to gaze at our computer screen for long hours without even blinking our eyes, and thus it is very important to set the brightness and the color temperature of your screen correct. From the Display tab of CareUEyes program, you can adjust the brightness and warmness of the screen.

Eye Care Software

Our computer screen exposes our eyes to the blue light which however is very small as compared to the sunlight but its continuous and close exposure can lead to certain eye problems and in some cases may also damage your retina. Researchers prove that children’s eyes absorb more blue light as compared to the adults, so if your children are using a PC regularly, CareUEyes becomes an essential program for you.

You can reduce the blue light exposure by reducing the brightness or the screen and the color temperature. As per this program, the color temperature 5000K is suitable for the office use.


This is the third tab where you can adjust the preferences of this program like the update, adding the program in your PC startup, tray icon, desktop icon, etc.

So, overall CareUEyes is a very simple but useful program when it is about your eye care. The program comes with a very simple and clean interface and needs to technical knowledge. Even a novice computer user can download and use it easily.

Remember that the radiations from our computer screens are not at dangerous levels, but can certainly affect our eyes in the long run.

Tips to prevent eye fatigue from computer usage

While CareUEyes will help you in taking good care of your eyes while working on the computer systems, there are some more tips to prevent eye fatigue.

  • Keep your PC/Laptop at least at a distance of 20-26 inches away from your eyes.
  • Keeping the PC at a little below eye level also helps.
  • Try blinking and moving your eyes focus at least after every twenty minutes.
  • Wear computer glasses which come with a blue light filter. These glasses block the blue light emerging from our computer screen and reduce the eye fatigue really well.
  • Doing eye exercises and taking good diet is also very important to keep your eyes healthy.

Relaxation is a very important aspect of staying healthy. All of us know that taking short breaks is very important while working on  PC but we usually forget such things when we are engrossed in our work. Taking a break from just a few minutes will also help you keep your eyes healthy. Download CareUEyes here and let the program take care of your eyes while working on a PC. You may also want to check out this Healthy Computing Guide for Employees and Employers.

Eyes Relax and Pause4Relax are similar tools you may want to take a look at. 

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