Awareness tool will help computer users reduce health problems

Prolonged sitting in front of the computer during working hours can have serious effects on your health. Numerous studies have pointed out serious health risks of sitting all day. for instance, as soon as you sit, the electrical activity in the leg shuts off and enzymes that help break down food drop 90%. So, the human body simply isn’t built to sit all day at a desk. That doesn’t mean you need to adopt a standing desk. A simple break of 5 minutes coupled with some stretching movements can help you avoid such health risks. Awareness is a simple application for Windows PC that helps you become aware of time spent on the computer and take a much needed break.

Awareness for Windows 10

Awareness for Windows 10

Awareness is a simple application to help computer users become more aware of time spent on the computer by playing the soothing sound of a Tibetan singing bowl to mark every hour of continuous computer use. The ingenious application also displays how long you’ve been using your computer without a break in the menu bar.

The feature worth noticing about the app is that it will never nag you or force you to stop using the computer. Just play a sound, reminding you about taking a short break whenever you are ready.

Who knew, the wind chimes that were utilised for decoration for thousand of years, producing a musical sound by which visitors announced their presence could also be put to such a use. The tones and vibrations of the chime will calm your mind, soothe your nerves as well as discharge the stress that would have built up over long working hours.

The tool is available here for download.

Like your body, your eyes too need a moment of pause from staring at the computer screen since overuse of computers can cause some serious problems like Scoliosis, vision abnormalities and more. Pause4Relax is a simple program that can help you curb the eye damage further ahead.

Apart from this, other programs that can help reduce stress by reminding you about taking a short break at regular intervals of time are Breaker and Workrave.

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